Hermès and Saint-Louis Crystal. Help solve the mystery!

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  1. I've just acquired a great little green Saint-Louis vase, to sit alongside my Hermès crystal, and though quality is comparable - origins-wise, I've received conflicting information about the production of Hermès crystal and would like to get to the bottom of this :P

    A S.A. (not my preferred) at the Sydney store recently insisted that Saint-Louis began producing ALL of Hermès' crystal when taken over by the group, whereas only two years ago, I was informed by no no.1 S.A. that Hermès produced it's own. I doubt that she the recent information is true, as a certain design of Hermès' crystal (opaque quite with circular 'window' motif), which I first saw at the old, smaller Sydney store close to a decade a go was described to me as "Special, made for Hermès' by Saint-Louis" (was marked S-L, and was priced accordingly - approx 1k AUD for a tall tumbler).

    From what I've seen, and own, the quality is certainly comparable - but I'd still like to know the definitive answer. Is all Hermès crystal/glassware produced by Saint-Louis?

  2. I don't have the definitive answer. I can tell you that Saint-Louis crystal has been available at H sample sales in past years. so the relationship is not a completely new one...
  3. I can't answer definitively (and therefore I shouldn't post anything but where's the fun in that?) but I think that if it doesn't bear the Saint Louis mark on it, it's doubtful it was made by Saint Louis. Yes, SL is owned by H, and yes, H can get you anything SL currently produces. But I don't think the glasses, tumblers, and carafes that are not marked SL were made by SL.

    That being said, the ones that aren't marked as SL are still pretty nice! :smile:
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    Yes ,I can tell you in all truth and total confidence, st Louis in strasbourg that is the head of the company produces all of the hermes crystal, it worked for many years as the watch department they are made by Hermes for Hermes designed by Hermes supplied by hermes but........ Not totally Hermes.this does not mean the product is not made by Hermes simply that they have trusted a good and perfectly capable division of the company to outsource the production. shall we say a separate supplier it happens with the espadrilles, a legendary espadrille company in Spain. perfumes, watches, china and probably a few other little things. that is why many people say that silver gold jewelry leather and silk are the heart of Hermes. all the products are a reflection of the quality and must not be confused with the licensing like the ones used by YSL or Pierre Cardin or Dior back in the 70s and 80s. it is more like an ousourcing deal , but it's also the reason why I don't buy watches at hermes or bags at Cartier much less tennis gear from channel or silk from vuitton . Hope it helps darling .birkel if I am wrong in any one point please do correct me and I agree with any correction you might have
  5. Birkel- ITA with you. I wouldn't buy items that are not part of the heritage of a brand. Sometimes the brand really went too far to stretch their product line that it doesn't make sense. I will forever be a fan of Hermes for their silks and leather.
  6. Chkpfbeliever I'm so happy you agree I felt that maybe I had been too intense or so on as I know many members love items from all the hermes departments, and I get that as a company you will try to diversify or branch out to all types of branding but.........I mean its not the same thing anyways and again jewels at Cartier watches at audemars piguet bags and silk at hermes . And since the topic was crystal Lalique may be a nice option for this .
  7. jmzr - if you're happy to say who the SA's were who gave you the information I'll tell you which one was correct.