Hermes and Rodeo Drive......

  1. After reviewing this forum for couple of times, you ladies influenced me to go to Hermes this weekend. I went in today to the one on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills and look around, asked the SA about the wait list for Birkin and she said there's no wait list. It's whatever they have on display or non at all...she said they might get some in 2008 and that's this even true?? How can I get my hand on any of hte Birkins (minus the diamond one, of course..tooo much bling bling for me) I'm looking for a Togo leather one..thanks ;)

    Is there really not a waitlist?
  2. Every store runs their "list" a little different. It possible they no longer take lists (unless your the ultra rich famous out there)
  3. Depending on the SA you ask, there is indeed a list at that store. But I find that certain SAs have access to adding your name to it and others do not.
  4. ^^ :yes:

    It's best to cultivate a relationship with an SA...go in interest in the brand as a whole, not only in the Birkin; all their items are of the utmost quality which is explains why all of us in the Hermes subforum are addicted :biggrin:
  5. Try to go in more often in the afternoon. Daily if you can for a week. The 2 birkins I got at this store were from the store's shelf. One time, I saw this lady who went to the store daily and later was offered a birkin that just came in. So it pays to be patient and diligent.
  6. I've never been to that store, but even to me that sounds like you are being given the "run-around." They probably are just EXTREMELY selective about who gets on the list. And being in that area they probably get tons of requests about birkins. And the part about getting birkins in 2008...that's just ridiculous. They are going to get some more birkins before then. Unless she means birkins that aren't already promised to other people.
  7. gazoo's right. And even of those SAs who have list privileges, some have more than others. And yes, they get tons of VIPs in that store, many from "the industry", and even many of them have trouble getting Birkins. But they do get them on the shelves pretty often. I used to go every week (but now go in just once every couple of months), and I saw quite a few on the shelf. I went at various times-right when they opened, lunchtime, and the end of the day. I also went on Saturdays and various weekdays (they're closed on Sundays, but this past December, they were actually open on Sundays, from Thanksgiving up until Christmas Eve). If you're not given the opportunity to put your name on the list, the best thing to do is go often, at varying times. And when you see one you like, buy it IMMEDIATELY, money in hand, because almost all of them get sold in about 5 min. or less. Or you could do as amkur suggested, which is the best option.
  8. i would try that..but they don't expect me to go there everyday and buy something rite? or else i'll be broke...i'm trying to start a birkin's fund here..heehee..thx