Hermes and Respect

  1. The time has come that I must make a post regarding mutual respect here on our subforum. It is really beyond belief as to how people treat one another on this forum. From the smallest issues regarding a post to major backstabbing at a boutique, it always shocks me. Do some of you not know how to respect a fellow member?

    If you are on this Hermes subforum and you are old enough to read and post, then you are old enough to respect. I have found it quite sad to see how people attack others in their posts. I mentioned this once before that we all must keep in mind we come from all over the world and we don't all think and communicate alike. One thing I am certain of is we all know how to respect, but we may choose not too. It takes very little energy to show respect!

    As for what you do outside of the forum, it is your business. I find it very sad that people choose to go out and hurt others by various methods. There are some really wonderful people on our boards that share enormous amounts of information and they do it for the love of the brand, their passion, and for friendships. They never expect helping someone will come and slap them in the face on this forum. I have come to the point that I am tired of seeing innocent members being hurt and used. I hope that you all ask yourself "is it really worth a handbag"?

    I am proof that you can find that handbag you really desire and you don't have to go to extremes to get it. A small amount of kindness goes a very long way. To be jealous, hurtful, nasty, and evil to another person will not get you that bag any faster.

    I hope that this thread will make us all slow down and do a little bit of thinking before we post or before we act on anything. It is really not very hard to do. Let's all think about each other and realize people have feelings.

    If you have issues with anyone, please take it to pm and handle it privately. We can't expect to agree and like each person on this board and that it understandable. What we can do is handle it in a more mature fashion. I would also like to add that when something is done in private through a pm, it should then not be brought out and posted in the forum for others to read. (as in cutting and pasting the pm into your post on the forum) If you have an issue and you need help, please pm Jag or Kellybag! We are here if you need us.

    Please, let's try and handle situations a bit better and be respectful. We come to The Purse Forum for fun and friendship, not for disrespect or to be hurt by another.

    I appreciate that you took time to read this.
  2. Beautifully-stated, Kellybag.
  3. Well said KB!
  4. zoiks, KB -- i didn't see what occurred to make it necessary for you to post this. but you are 1000% correct.

    and thank you for setting us straight when we need it. :yes:
  5. KB, thank you for addressing this in such a lovely way. I have to admit, after hearing some of the stories posted, I am a bit more wary about what I share.
  6. so well put kellybag!

    i actually think this is the nicest of all the tpf forums i've been on in general! almost everyone is so warm and sweet and welcoming to newbies! ooh and funny. the people here are a riot.
  7. Kellybag - It is most embarrassing that this had to be addressed. I am really grateful that you brought it up though. Thank you so much for your diligent help and the help of all the mods here.
  8. AMEN, KB.......well said. :yes:
  9. KB, this forum is lucky to have you as a mod. i'm not sure what went down, but i don't think it matters - this is just a good general rule to keep in mind.
  10. Thank you...well said...
  11. Thanks KB, you and Jag do a great job.....even though, as usual, I have no clue of what's going on!;)
  12. Beautiful post Kellybag! And I agree 100%. Here's to keeping the fun and friendship rolling. :drinkup: :party: :heart:
  13. Thank you very much for this!
  14. Behind every person is a story. I am grateful for the opportunity to know all of you wonderful ladies on here and embrace sisterhood. Thank you Kellybag, for saying what any "big sister" would, keeping us looking each other in the eye, with hugs.
  15. Amen to that! Thank you for your wonderful post, Kellybag. Poor thing... and I thought my job was tough!