Hermes and New York...More of Your Favorite Things...

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  1. ^^ Great idea, SoCal!!
  2. And...inspired by the Paris thread...please note any more of your favorites...

    Favorite day/time to shop at H...
    Favorite "luxe" or "splurge" hotel...
    Favorite "budget" hotel...
    Favorite cafe...
    Favorite restaurants (lunch or dinner)...
    Favorite international (e.g. Japanese, Indian, Mexican) restaurants...
    Favorite non-H shopping...
    Favorite (tourist) sites...
    Favorite things to do/places to go with children...
    Favorite "romantic" things to do/places to go...
    Favorite experiences...

    Other favorites...
  3. oops
  4. Favorite Italian restaurants: Mezzogiorno in Soho, at Sullivan and Spring; Pescatore (on 2nd Avenue, East 50"s); Ecco (Chambers Street, in Tribeca).
    Favorite splurge hotels: 60 Thompson; Sherry Netherland (not everyones cup of tea, but it is near Hermes)
    Favorite romantic things to do with children (sorry, I coudnt resist putting this together, husband and I are often babysitting for my young nephew and niece): long walk through central park
  5. Favorite day/time to shop at H...
    Favorite "luxe" or "splurge" hotel...
    Either the Peninsula or the St. Regis

    Favorite "budget" hotel...
    The Fitzpatrick at Grand Central
    Favorite restaurants (lunch or dinner)...
    Le Goulue
    Peter Luger
    Le Grenouille
    Union Square Grill
    Favorite international (e.g. Japanese, Indian, Mexican) restaurants...
    Sushi of Gari East Side locale is tiny, tiny - West Side is bigger. Either has sushi TDF
    Grano Greenwich Ave and 10th (near fire station)
    Favorite non-H shopping...
    All of Madison!
    Favorite (tourist) sites...
    Grand Central Station (and Grand Central Market...yum!)
    Greenwich Village
    Top of the Rock
    Natural History Museum
    The Met
    Lincoln Center
    Carnegie Hall
    Favorite "romantic" things to do/places to go...
    Top of the Rock
    Rainbow Room
  6. Favorite cafe... cafe mozart, 71st street and broadway, fabulous desserts but the food is great too. and they have a piano player most of the time i think
    Favorite restaurants (lunch or dinner)... new fave is citrus- 76th street (or 75) and amsterdam. latin asian fusion. fabulous skirt steak. also love artisinal. 31st and park i think. from the people who own balthazar. fabulous hangar steak and the pomme frites are tdf. also fab fondue. i'm a steak and fondue kinda girl.
    Favorite international (e.g. Japanese, Indian, Mexican) restaurants... rosa mexicana. there are a few. they make the guacamole at your table. and one is across the street from lincoln center which is always nice to walk around. also love maroons- 17th i think between 7th and 8th. jamacian and soul food. the fried green tomatos, fried chicken, garlic shrimp and mac and cheese are great. but the red velvet cake is divine. it's hit or miss lately though.
    Favorite non-H shopping... Saks. i just love Saks. and walking around soho.
    Favorite (tourist) sites... the museum of natural history, the met, lincoln center
    Favorite things to do/places to go with children... i always tell people to bring their kids to mars 2112. the food is bad but it's a fun theme place off of times square. ruby foos also does fun kids food like pb and j in sushi form. of course the toys r us in times square is fun with the ferris wheel.
  7. oh yes!! the rainbow room! how i love the rainbow room. i have big fantasties about it.

    BEST BEST BEST place to eat- the burger joint at the parker meridian hotel. when you go to the hotel there is a red curtain tucked in a corner. follow it around and you'll find this little hole in the wall that looks totally out of place. they only serve burgers, fries, soda, milkshakes and beer. and occasionally brownies. cash only i think. not open sundays. it might be a wait for a table but if you hit it right it's not too long. the burgers come wrapped in white paper and the fries in paper bags. they are THE MOST DELICIOUS THING YOU WILL EVER EAT. omg. seriously. so fun. i take everyone there. and the parker meridian is a gorgeous hotel.

    i don't know hotels because i've lived here my whole life and never stayed in one.
  8. "Budget" hotel: Gansevoort (meatpacking district)
    Food: The Modern; Artisanal; Atelier de Joel Robuchon (if it's anything like the one in Paris)
    Non-H shopping: Jeffrey, Bergdorf, and Madison Ave.
    Cafe: Pastis
  9. oh i did hear there is a super cool hotel called the Library Hotel i think. it's across from the main library. every floor is supposed to be a different category of the dewey decimial system and every room is a subcategory. like the romantics or something like that. i saw the website once and it's amazing!
  10. Will copy/paste a bit from the NY Meet thread...thanks HG...

    Le Bernardin
    155 West 51st Street
    Rated the best restaurant in NYC last year according to Zagat. Shopmom showed some interest in going there. By far the best seafood I've ever had. The fish melts in your mouth like butta'. However, a bit on the pricey side. Reservations and ties required.
    $57 prix fixe lunch
    $105 prix fixe dinner

    Restaurant Daniel
    60 East 65th Street
    This is where Zagat and I disagree. I consider this the better restaurant and the service is about the best I've ever had in any restaurant. They really do make you feel like royalty. I'm a huge fan of Daniel Boulud who incorporates some Asian ingredients to his very French cooking methods. Dinner only. Reservations and ties required. Also a bit pricey.
    $96 prix fixe dinner

    120 West 51st Street
    More of a steakhouse with an extensive wine menu. For the carnivores of the group, like myself. Reasonably priced. Reservations, I believe, are required.
    $42.50 prix fixe dinner

    Lexington Avenue between 73rd and 74th Streets
    Don't blink or you'll miss this place as you walk by. Just look for the giant "P" outside. Crowded and noisy, but with good reason, the pastries are amazing!!!! But I've gone on and on about their green tea and lichi tart, let me say no more. Dinner is decent. Reservations strongly urged!!! I did say this place gets crowded.
    $35 prix fixe dinner. The menu is limited on the prix fixe menu, but I wasn't complaining.

    61st Street between Park and Madison
    A regular haunt for the NYC TPFers. You can sometimes find us there. Decent eats, affordable prices, with a great view of the empty lot that once held the house that blew up by Hermes as a result of a nasty divorce between a doctor and his estranged wife. I kid you not! Reservations recommended for large groups.

    58th Street between Madison and Park
    It's become very touristy, but it makes a great lichi martini (hear that, Shopmom!). Menu is Asian fusion and moderately priced. Kinda loud, but the food isn't bad. Make sure to check out Buddha and his fish-filled reflecting pool. Also, make sure you go into the right bathroom!!!! They are not labeled with standard signs. Reservations recommended for larger groups.

    Rue 57
    60 West 57th Street
    Where else but in New York City do you get a menu that has both pomme frites and sushi? I kid you not. This place serves French and Japanese. Great brunch menu. Reasonably priced with decent fare. Can get crowded and noisy. Location is central to many of you staying in midtown. Reservations recommended for larger groups.

    1125 1st Avenue, corner of 62nd Street
    A must see for Shopmom. This place has a drink menu that's larger than their food menu!!!!! Moderately priced.

    Mama Mexico
    2672 Broadway, corner of 102nd Street
    214 East 49th Street
    My favorite place for Mexican food. The Broadway location gets the Columbia University crowd so it's louder and very crowded. Of course, that would be the location I prefer. The midtown location is more somber and quiet. Decent drinks with a stiff sangria. Some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Moderately priced and reservations recommended for larger groups.

    9 Ninth Avenue, corner of little West 12th Street
    Located in the meatpacking district, this restaurant may be out of the way for many of you, but it serves what I consider some of the best brunch in the city. Expect a wait, even with reservations. Thought I'd just mention it though.

    2 Park Avenue, corner of 32nd Street
    This place is known for cheese and you will smell the restaurant before you see it. Walking into the restaurant can knock you flat on your back. But if you're into cheeses, I strongly recommend this place, which is known for artisanal cheeses, hence the name. Nothing better than nibbling a fruit and cheese platter and throwing it back with some wine. Reservations required I believe.

    Midtown location 1st Avenue between 63rd and 64th Street
    Kosher South Indian food. The food is good and inexpensive. A real bargain, foodwise. Being Indian food, be prepared for some real spice and heat. The place is small and can get crowded and I urge reservations for parties over 4.

    Grand Central Oyster Bar
    Located in Grand Central Terminal
    This place looks like a diner and the decor isn't much. Being in Grand Central, this place can get a little noisy. But if you're into raw seafood, this is the place to go. Raw seafood menu varies from day to day, but this has some of the freshest seafood in the city with an extensive wine list to match. Moderately priced. Reservations required for large parties.

    Pio Pio
    1746 1st Avenue, between 90th and 91st Streets
    Manhattan's answer to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Peruvian chicken, with some sides like rice and beans and salad. Menu is very limited. Small and very crowded. This place is smaller than some people's closets, but the chicken is some of the best in the city. My anesthesiologist recommended this place to me and he says this place makes a better chicken than Alain Ducasse. I am inclined to agree and it's quickly become one of my favorite places. I've never had a person say they didn't like their food after taking them here. My parents, the world's pickiest eaters, even liked their food. Watch out for their sangria!!! You won't know what hit you until you try to stand up. Very easy on the pocket book. Four people can eat for about $30. But again, very crowded. I don't recommend large crowds and reservations are required for groups over 4 people.

    Okay, this ends HG's recommendations for eats in NYC. Just thought I would give you some ideas for grub while you're in town.
  11. And others...thanks, all!!!

    Le Bernardin is Great--the best food--but a little serious if you want fun.

    At lunch, I love Jean-Georges--all small dishes, something like $12 each, and you create your own size of meal--all very creative and top notch. (Not too far from H and right next to other shoppingat Columbus Circle.

    At lunch, near H, Barney's is good, and I also love Nicole Farhi--and you can shop there too. As I mentioned before, Nello is right across the street and has very good Italian food and is tres chic. Fives at the Peninsula is good.

    Tao is fun--trendy--close to H--loud at night.

    Daniel is gorgeous and refined for dinner--must reserve.

    Le Bernardin is my total fave but definitely a "quiet" experience. Daniel is lovely but so cavernous - the food is amazing, though. What about Vong? That is in the vicinity. Beautiful, amazing food, exotic? Haven't been there for a few years but I love it.

    Daniel has another restaurant called cafe boulud which is just as good though a little less over the top...
  12. ^^^We really gotta take Shopmom to Merchants.
  13. Favorite day/time to shop at H... Anytime for me !
    Favorite "luxe" or "splurge" hotel... Plaza hotel, Warldorf Astoria
    Favorite Cafe...Payard
    Favorite restaurants ..Morimoto for Japanese restaurant, Penang for Malaysian cuisine, Pio Pio for chickens..Joe's Shanghai for the best steamed dumplings...Peter Luger's for steaks...
    Favorite non-H shopping... Barneys, FAO Schwartz.
    Favorite (tourist) sites... Natural science history museum, MET, MOMA, Lincoln Center, central park..
    Favorite things to do/places to go with children... same as above, plus Bronx zoo, a walk in Central park and childrens' zoo, and FAO Schwartz and Disney store !
    Favorite "romantic" things to do/places to go... hmmm...need to think about this one..