Hermes and new skins

  1. I have been wondering if Hermes will ever go into another direction when it comes to their skins? Like stringray, toad etc. I love their croc, ostrich and others but was wondering if they would go down that road?
  2. :sad:

    As a huge fan of "Wind in the Willows"
    and was seen during my recent flooding going out of my way to rescue a Toad from flooded sceptic tank ( Yuck)

    I really hope toad is not going to be considered , firstly you would need a hell of a lot of toads to make a birkin, and they are really rather cute and do a good job of eating horrible flies and things

    Unlike the Ostrich who spits and kicks you , and the croc that eats you

    So please dont upset Ratty Mole and Badger by considering Toad skin
    ( along with lots of children under the age of 10)

  3. LOL ardenish you are so funny!

    Hermes has done stingray in the past i think...i was not enthralled personally with it. i am happy to scoop up any ostriches that are making you unhappy, just ring a ding ding me!!!
  4. I saw a birkin on a lady today in South Molton Street
    It was python, was sat at Starbucks staring at it ( I do that real bad habit of mine)

    Thing is I reckon it may of been a fake

    Ohh by the way have you seen the new huge constance , wow its yummy


    Sadly no leather caps , and NO Muffs boo hoo
    but what fantastic winter coats
  5. snakeskin might be pretty?

    i love the lizard in fuschia, tdf!!! wish i had this in vert anis and fuschia and maybe even blue roi!
  6. Wasen't there even a whale skin vintage bag floating about on e-bay a while ago from Hermes?
  7. ^ yeah, and they did phoque (seal skin). I love all the exotic skins.
  8. ^^^ yup, it was beluga whale. kinda yucky. The heinous fakesters make a manta ray that skin is apparently do-able. But I would not carry it, even if it was from Hermes...too icky.

    Love the manta rays in the petting tanks at the fish zoos....
  9. *pictures CB picking up rays at petting zoo and trying them on for size*........
  10. I didnt like the looked too bubbly....but I really am just so cow when it comes to skins....

    oh, except smal leather goods can be chevre.....if anyone is shopping for cobalty.

  11. LOL....
    "Does this manta ray make my butt look big?????"
  12. I'll keep that in mind, CB...:no bubbly whale, yes to goat.
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. "oh my, this toad really makes my butt look big!!!"
  15. I have 2 other designer bags in python and they are great. They are durable and skin feels great and look awesome when dyed. I vote for a python birkin.
    I will try to post a pic of one of my python bags to show how great the python skin looks when dyed