Hermes and Neiman Marcus....

  1. Does anyone know which Neiman's in the states has an Hermes Boutique?

    I'd love to get some points going if know...when I'm ready to buy another little something.....:smile:
  2. The only one I know is the Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase MD. The boutique is small with rarely any bags on display, but they are well stocked with scarves, and small leather goods!!
  3. Hermes bags aren't at any of the NM's I've shopped at, but scarves and smaller acessories are at most of them I've been to.
  4. I've only seen scarves/pocket squares/ twilly's at Neiman Marcus in Newport Beach and San Diego.
  5. Michigan I believe.

    Ask Jag...she can tell you everything they have there.

    The three or four NM by me have zip...little bits of things...probably not worth even a call.
  6. Michigan NM can get accessories and bags, too!
  7. I think the NM at Troy, Michigan is the only NM that has kellys and birkins -
    2705 West Big Beaver
    Troy, MI 48084
    Tel. + 1 248 643 3300
  8. short hills only has watches and scarves. i wish they had them!!!! when i make my purchase it will be an all day event in ny. lol
  9. That is correct. My NM in Troy, Michigan, has a Hermes section. (248) 643-3300!!!