Hermes and Math

  1. In another thread Plain Jane mentioned a math formula:

    1 H bag = 1 DH HDTV or something like it. :lol:

    Inevitably, unless you are super-rich, acquiring H is a mathematical feat of juggling finances... so what is your H mathematical formula?

    For me - what I'd give up or won't part with:

    Fewer taxi rides/eating out = H bags
    Liberal use of toilet paper :lol: > H
    H > less than 2.5 carat diamond
    Ability to travel more often > H
    My home > H
    My financial health > H
    10 designer shoes a year (Christian Louboutins, Chanels, etc.) < H
    No more other designer handbags < H
    2.5+ carat diamond > H
    Cars < H (distances & transport are rather close and efficient where I live)

    It also helps I don't have kids nor am I married. No need to trade up for DH's Bang & Olufsen sound system.
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  4. I saw the title of this thread and had to laugh!

    for me:
    going out for lunch every day < H
    lots of inexpensive items that add up to lots of $$ < H
    Some experiences > H (example: opportunities to drive in some races, travel)
    Racecar > H (depends on car and H)
    TVs/Audio equipment < H
    Home > H
    Healthy credit > H
    financial room to enjoy life > H
    Clothing < H (H lasts longer, and transcends trends and styles)
  5. What can I say... I love my toilet paper!
  6. Ugh, I'm having a slightly unhealthy relationship to this type of reasoning, no matter if it's H or not. I'm even sometimes skipping meal, especially if I'm not in the mood for something special, even if there's nothing I'm saving up for. >_< I'm quite good at using and creating opportunities to do things for free/at a discount though.

    car < Fashion/H

    travel > fashion/H (here you kind of have to travel to GET fashion at all. Damned redneck country. lol )

    food = fashion

    my financial health > Fashion

    hotels/taxi < fashion

    and at the moment I'd buy fashion of jewelry too.. :push:

    Soo agree with this one:

    lots of inexpensive items that add up to lots of $$<H

    I think it's vital no matter what. I hate to fell like I'm wasting money.
  7. Hey girl!! Hows ma baby blue jean Kelly doin?? :flowers:

    Organic foods > H
    H > DIY house projects
    H > Too busy to travel much
    My car & transport > H
    H > More efficient clothes shopping (quality over quantity)
    H > More efficient shopping in general
    Hair stylist > H
    H > doing my own nails & skincare
    My big dumb dogs :heart: > H

    I know there's more, but they seem to be the bigger ones!
  8. Jiks I have to think about this
  9. Transcendant, I agree with your math!
  10. emergency c-section in July = H bag (or mebbe 2)

    Chloe Paddington Buyer's tote in grail color(green, red, drk brown) = H Birkin(sacrilege, i know)

    Caleche extrait > Caleche Soie d P
  11. I love big dogs too! I had dogs all my life except now.

    "Angel" has been seeing town a lot lately! She has a new Twilly outfit. :yes:
  12. :wtf: Hope you won't need too many of those! The former, I mean ;)
  13. beaumonde ;)

    Dry-cleaning (it's gotta one of the most annoying obligations in human history <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< H
    1000 of great films/DVDs > H
    1000 great books > H
    I agree with the lady who said: Audio/Tech/Phones/etc. <<<<<<<<<< H
    Fine dining, say, 100 times a year = H
    Fine gold watch = H
  14. I pray to never go through that again. My daughter is amazing(we have two older - boys) but OMG, I went through horrendously painful labor only to end w/an emergency c-section. Unreal. The recovery was no cakewalk for me either.

    So umm yeah, maybe that equals *3* H bags. At least 2 bags and a cashmere wrap. Minimum.:p
  15. for me, lately it's been...

    1. monthly fertility treatments > H
    2. various upgrades for the new house > H
    3. new furniture > H
    4. boba/milk tea tapioca drinks > H
    5. diamond jewelry = H
    6. christmas presents for loved ones > H
    7. spending quality time with DH & our dogs > H