Hermes and LV

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  1. What would you say are the difference between LV bags and Hermes?
    The companies, styles, age differences?

    I know most everyone here will prefer H over LV - but I was just curious of what you thought.
    There are certainly ALOT more people on the LV board that I believe are younger. Maybe the price is more attainable for them.
    What I like about Hermes also is that you don't see one everywhere you go, like LV. Even though I have read here there are many fakes out there too.
    I love my LV bags also, but Hermes seems extra special.
    Don't you think?
  2. Well, Rose jr got her her first LV yesterday from her beloved Ninja Sue, she is so pleased with it! Mommy will stick to H though.....
  3. As a consumer, the major differences for me is that LV has many different styles of bags in the same canvas, while Hermes has only a few styles with almost limitless customisation available for choice. Most people here buy LV wallets.
  4. I'm sticking to H everything. Even my walletS are from H.

    I think it's the affordability factor.
  5. The biggest differences to me between Hermes and just about anything else out there are that Hermes bags are handmade, and use only the finest materials. No vinyl, no canvas, no sweatshops, no "seconds" or sales.
    NO offense intended to any LV lovers or lovers of any other brand, I just really prefer the character and beauty of a finely handmade product.
  6. I think Hermes is cost prohibitive for the younger LV following. Also the difference between the quality of LV and Hermes makes Hermes more special to me. I love ordering a bag at podium that is made especially for me, by one crafts person. My bag never touches a machine, all hand stitched. A lot of work from the crafts person goes into making a bag for me to cherish. To me that is special!!!
  7. No flashy logos, simplicity in design, commitment to excellence and color, glorious color! :heart:
  8. I used to loove LV, then it just started to simmer. I would buy things and wear them a while then they were a bit boring, they didn´t make my heart sing. When I found out that LV doesn´t do by hand anymore, it also lost a lot of sparkle. I still love their shoes and the inclusion jewellery.
  9. LV's signature colours are brown and gold and I hate 'em! maybe childish of me but I just can't stand the look. And the feel is not much better except for the major items of luggage like trunks. LV has turned itself from a luxury brand into a fashion brand and has cheapened itself whilst spending a fortune on advertising.
    For me it's the no compromising search for perfection in Hermes which excites me. I'd happily wait 25 years for a 'proper' bag than set my sights lower on a bit of seasonal eye candy.
    Sorry if my attitute to LV seems a bit severe but you just gotta have standards!
  10. I was never a LV fan simply because I see them everywhere in S Florida...but I do like the Suhali line. Not sure if they're machine produced.
  11. I used to also love LV, I have a few pieces, got the ludlow amarente, the damier speedy recently, now nothing at all, I would rather wait for the one bag H bag I desire. Still think the Epi range is lovely though!Lol!x

  12. Say it twice! You took the words out of my mouth. :supacool::heart:
  13. Besides, I am not crazy about carrying bags that EVERYONE else around me will be carrying. The only time I see REAL Hermes bags in NC is when I: 1. look in my closet; 2. I go to the Hermes store in Charlotte; 3. I see some other ladies (Hey Sellmysoul!) at a TPF meet and they are also carrying Hermes. With LV when I walk out my front dor I immediately start tripping and falling over people left and right who are carrying LV. :nogood:
  14. While I still love my LV luggage, I have fallen out of love with their bags and small leather/canvas goods. When I was younger, I used to adore the epi (leather - no logo) and damier (canvas - no logo) lines and loved to collect it. But, after I was introduced to Hermes craftsmanship, LV just didn't measure up for me. I have kept a few rare LVs but have mostly sold off the rest. However, on young Rose Jr - it is perfection!
  15. Very well put:yes: