hermes and lifestyle

  1. Some of friends made an interesting comment that one of the reasons why they don't want to get a birkin/kelly is because of the change in lifestyle that comes with carrying a $$$$$$$ handbag. Basically, they said that they would feel odd if they were to take the subway or bus carrying a birkin/kelly...and that they would also feel odd eating at cheapie restaurants toting the birkin/kelly......sure they can well afford a nice restaurant or take a taxi, but sometimes, its much easier to take the subway..and usually you just want a quick and simple meal...

    Just wondering, do you think you have made changes to your lifestyle at all since you bought a $$$$ hermes bag?
  2. Personally, I haven't made any changes in my lifestyle. It's still a handbag after all. I buy Hermes because I love their products, not to elevate my status in the eyes of others.
  3. ^^^ Well said HG! I carry my Birkin between my feet when I ride my moped; I wear my H bags with old jeans, T's and flip flops....
  4. I am with you HG,I am a stay at home mum sometimes looking great other times in my sweats ..I just love the quality of hermes i dont care what others feel am sure people think my jpg birkin is a fake !!!!Its what i know that counts..
  5. Yeap... me neither... I take taxis, cars, buses, undergrounds, even riding a dokey once with my H bag... anything goes, whatever most convenient for me really! I go to the gym with birkins, supermarkets, work, Macdonalds... I couldn't care what people think... they are bags and are meant to be used!
  6. ^^^Yes, HG, well said....I got to Costco, Outlet malls, Target with my bag. I do get a little stressed at cheapy restaurants, but I just try to be careful and put the bag closer to me. The little stickers are still on the bottom of the feet on my two bags =)
  7. No changes in my lifestyle either. Especially in the way I handle my bag.

    One reason I like Hermes bags is that I don't feel as if I have to baby my bag. Sure, it cost a lot of money, but it was made to last. I put it on floors and hang it by its handle on hooks. It knocks against my car, and occasionally against the brick in my house (ok, I'd rather it not do that.) Anyway, there's no reason to change one's lifestyle over a handbag. It's just stuff.
  8. I can relate to what you said.. In Dubai i didnt have to change my lifestyle at all when i started carrying Hermes bags.. however, when i came to Paris, i didnt feel comfortable wearing a crocodile birkin and walking in the Champs elysees although paris is H bags home, every1 was staring at me! From that day, i went back to LV/chanel whenever i go to the champs and i only wear my birkins if i'm going out via private transportation.
  9. I take the NY subway every day, and yes I often carry a birkin. By comparison to what else you see in NYC, my togo/palladium birkins seem very modest. I am serious. You see people here wearing engagement rings that cost more than GNP of some small countries. Granted, THEY dont take the subway to work (or work, for that matter)
    I should add, by taking the subway, assuming you live downtown and work in midtown (or vice versa), you save over $7K a year in cabfare a year -- enough to pay for a new birkin.
  10. No changes in my lifestyle either. I take my Kelly on the bus, train, to Old Navy and Costco. Most days I wear jeans and a sweater set or t-shirt (although I almost always have an Hermes scarf as well) with ballet flats or Keds. I love my bags and use them everyday as long as it isn't raining.
  11. ME TOO. I take it everywhere even bathroom stalls, yep, I hang it on the back of the door, the only place I don't take it to b/c it wouldn't have my full undivided attention to it would be the movie theater. If I know I am going I take something more comfortable.
  12. No change in lifestyle for me either, just a regular NJ mom.
  13. have birken, will travel anywhere and everywhere.
    no change whatsoever in my life style or my clothes either.
    my birken has been to the four seasons, as well as to local spots
    in chinatown and east harlem and the lower east side.
    it is also necessary for me to go arraignments and/or
    trials at 100 centre street.
    have birken, will travel.:wlae:
  14. My Hermes just fits into what is already a very nice's no nicer than anything else I've ever had.:smile:

  15. Then why don't those friends only use their Hermes for special events?