Hermes and Life Stages

  1. This has started me thinking a few days back. And yesterday, hello made a post in one of the threads about the satisfaction of being "arrived" and therefore embracing Hermes (not in these exact words, I paraphrased).

    Is it then expected that most of the H ladies fall into similar age groups? I know it's not the age ... I think it's culmination of one's success and that incidentally has to do with age (if only we all have money trees, than all this will be out of the window). Please don't take offence at this and spin this into an ageism issue. Thanks.

    Nor is it about money. I didn't have a lot when I was young but I worked hard to build my career over the years, so as to be able to enjoy some luxuries. Call it rewards for long term hard work. Let's say we all had the privilege and means to afford Hermes from young, would we be into Hermes so early on? Or would we be just into Crumpler, Prada, LV etc. Again, no offence to the members of other sub forums. My thoughts are that I would most probably start with non-H first ... so as to give myself something to look forward to over the years. If I start with H, I won't know what next to aspire for, KWIM?

    At this stage of my life .... I think it's Hermes all the way ... (sorry, Mr Sparkles :sweatdrop:)

    What are your thoughts?
  2. lol, i more see it as different bags for different stages, but... ooops, they are all hermes bags. :graucho:
  3. ^ I agree, HH.

    I didn't own much before Hermes (Longchamp, mainly) because I knew all along I was waiting for Hermes. And I did.
  4. When I was younger (and poorer) I was always afraid to even go into H as I perceived it to be SO EXPENSIVE. Instead I coveted Gucci, than LV than eventually Chanel. It seems as my income raised (and unfortunately my age) so did my taste in handbags. I have to admit I'm kind of glad there is no where else to go from here. For the record, I'm 35.
  5. I am sure you have heard of gateway drugs. Well I think that their are usually "gateway" designers that most people go thru before they reach Hermes. I think when people can afford the luxury items, most take baby steps. If not one would be in complete sticker shock. For me, Hermes was the next step in my search of luxury handbags.
    I am 33 and loved handbags since birth
  6. This is interesting .... I look forward to read more about everyone's experiences with Hermes ...

    For me, I was never into bags until much later in my work life. I don't know why. Never fantasize about bags. And I never had a TV idol or favourite musician ... Come to think of it ... it's kind of weird. :confused1:
  7. When I was younger I started with the handbag designers that would be considered "low level luxury designers", then on to LV then to Chanel. I knew I wanted to start purchasing Hermes at some point. That point came this year. Now I am totally "in love" with H and want nothing else. There is no looking back it is H all the way from here on.
  8. I was never into bags until I was 16 when I first learned about the Kelly bag. Since then, I have frequented Hermes for the other things - scarves, porcelain etc, but it was only quite recently when I was finally able to get my first Hermes bag (a black boxcalf Kelly, bought by myself).

    Now I'm at the stage where I am moving away from the bags, and into the RTW!
  9. For me, it is about age (not a number but where you are emotionally). Where I grew up, we had LV and Chanel in middle school (which I would never do with my DDs now!!). I moved on to whatever was in--Prada, Chanel, etc.

    Now that I am old as the hills, my kids are in school, my career is over, I feel more calm. I don't feel like I have to chase a new style of bag every day. I take comfort in keeping the styles simple and knowing what I have is of timeless style and quality. I only wish I got to this place sooner.
  10. before H i did not collect handbags much...i'm blaming it on the H ......i am sort of glad i did not have the bug when i was a teenager...where would there be to go from here? i'd be penniless probably!
  11. there is definitely a transition for me. i owned one prada backpack when i was a junior in high school and stayed that way for a while till after college, i finally owned my first LV. After that I went throught stages with more LV and other "IT" brands. It's during graduate school that i had the courage to go into an Hermes store and bought myself a GP (that's all i could afford then). I would go in there once in a while and bought very small accessories. And now at this stage of my life (28) i only want to have BV and Hermes. I believe the craftsmanships on these two brands are truly remarkable. Unlike the "IT" brands that I used to own, I never regret any purchases from BV and Hermes.
  12. For me, age was a factor . I bought my first Hermes bag in my forties-before that, I admired them but I wasn't ready to make the jump. Now, it seems that the older I get, the more H I want!!!!
  13. As a teenager, I didn't even know Hermes existed. No exposure. My Mom has never owned any H bags. She's always in LV, and still is.

    I pretty much did not collect handbag either. In the past, every month or two, out of work stress, I would seek retail therapy in Prada or Gucci. They went well with my suits.

    I don't recall running after IT bags until the Chloe Paddington, followed by the Chanel bronze bowler ... both are no longer in my possession. I sold them quickly before their value dropped. I had already embarked on my H journey (I repeat: journey).
  14. now that i think of it, having the means to buy and enjoy H so much now is kind of a reward for all the angst of
  15. asa, yes .... the calmness .... I think of Serenity Now ...

    Remember what your DD wrote in her open essay ..... :p:heart: