Hermes and its customers aren't in the business of economic rationalism.

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  3. They forgot to add the engraver is a HOTTIE!!!!!
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  5. :lol::lol::lol: Then there will really be a stampede into H Sydney tomorrow!:graucho:
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  7. So, do they ship the "hottie" engravers?:sweatdrop: :nuts: :lol:
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    Those employee perks are :nuts: :drool: !!!
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    ....I think K's got the hots for the hottie! :graucho:
  10. a man that can hand make me a kelly is a hottie in my books!!! he was very nice looking......just imagine a room full of young, tan men, green eyes....toned arms....all labouring over our future purchases.......caressing the chevre.......purring in French...... I've got you interested!!

    can you tell dh has been away on business????
  11. I bet he's gay.

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  13. Ack.. you almost made me spit out my lunch laughing at this thread about this French craftsman hottie!:lol:
  14. Fonds - thanks for the article and the visual on the shirtless hunk who made my bag (oh - did i invent the shirtless part? oh well...)