Hermès and gothic/rock'n'roll jewelery

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  1. Anybody out there who likes to combine hermès with a more edgy style?
    i am a male and like to wear my H goods with something that gives a little contrast. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465832813.423292.jpg
  2. I love that H bracelet! What is it called? I keep forgetting to look for one. Is it chain d'ancre?

    I feel that my black box CDC with silver is already gothic as is :biggrin:
  3. Love that pair! Really edgy. I'm so into skulls and bracelets in general.

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  4. It's perfectly in keeping with the mythology of Hermes (as the companion to souls as they travel to the afterlife). Nowadays we use the idea of the 'grim reaper' more but he is still really Hermes
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  5. I love how much fun you're having with these! Why not? You've always gotta make it yours....when I was younger I'd wear a Chanel jacket with a Led Zeppelin tee under it. You could easily do this with a tough look, a jeans-and-tee look, or even a sharp suit!
  6. LOVE this! And perfect for Vegas too!! You have an outstanding eye for color and proportion!
  7. Very intense...and very impressive. I love putting edgy Alexander McQueen bag charms with H.
  8. Love the imaginative stacking here!
  9. Thanks. It was my first time in Vegas. Amazing city!

    Agreed! I saw a member here with McQ skull charm with chain on his B or HAC. It looked awesome. Think it may have been spinkybolt.
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  10. My H bracelets with skulls. I always wear my CDC bracelets upside down. Don't care for the dangling metal ring on the top. I really wish it were bolted down so it didn't dangle and scratch the hardware.

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  11. Love your stacking
    Very cool
  12. I cut a tiny piece of double-sided sticky to hold down the ring.
  13. I like to wear my darker cdcs with spikes
    First post and photo upload on the revamped site, yippee!

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  14. This is so cool and chic. Love it
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  15. This is fabulous!! I love the other bracelets!!!
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