Hermes and daughters

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  1. Would you ever order a Birkin for your young child now so that you can give it to her when she finishes grad school or some momentus achievment? I've been contemplating buying one and keeping it for my daughter. My husband actually gave me the idea, but he says that I can NOT "borrow" it. :graucho: :angel:

    With prices going up so much, by the time she wants one, it will be way too expensive. Do you think that they will ever be a ceiling for these bags? When does expensive become unattainable?
  2. I think that would be a wonderful idea. (I'd probably sneak and borrow it :whistle: ). I think they will keep going up in price as there will always be a demand. :shame:
  3. I think that is such a wonderful idea! Although it would be pretty tought not to sneak in and borrow it!!! LOL!
  4. At this point no...dd is 12 - I have a LV that I was thinking of saving for her....but I wouldn't buy a bag specifically for her at this point! She will be entitled to my bags down the road if she truly loves them....
  5. I think it is a wonderful idea!
  6. Yeh! Actually, I bought a bolide 27 cm by using an excuse to my husband that it is 'FOR OUR DAUGHTER' for her future use. But I already used it. I told my husband that I got a permission from the owner...^^
    What does 5 years old know? I asked her "Can mommy use it? I love you.." Then, she goes "Sure!" See? I have a permission from the owner!
  7. I think it sounds like a great idea. You'll be tempted to borrow it, though:graucho: .
  8. Not sure about a Birkin, but maybe another Hermes bag.
  9. That's fantastic.
    My daughter is 2 and everything is "Nooooooooooo" right now. LOL
    I'll wait until next Jan or July as I already have something on order right now...we'll see how much purse fund I have next year.
  10. I say SUPER idea! I would do that myself.

    If you buy I say you should buy a Kelly. I would almost go as far as saying a classic black box Kelly. It is such a classic and will always be. Just my opinion.

    Great idea!
  11. I think my mom is thinking about it ;)... when she buys her Hermes bags.

    I know she thinks about me when she buys her diamonds.. So I assume "she does"!!!
  12. I would hope that my daughter doesn't grow up with such expensive taste but if she learns to appreciate Hermes one day, I would probably get her an Hermes bag for a special achievement. I may choose a Kelly instead because that is the classic, quintessential Hermes bag. Once I croak, I'll also leave her my collection!
  13. Lucy....:roflmfao: My sentiments exactly!

    Actually, I bought my delightful (on a GOOD day) 16 year old daughter an LV Bucket bag destined for her 18th birthday that's all wrapped up and waiting for the big day in my closet. Everything else she gets when I've taken my last breath! :smile:
  14. Great idea! Great investment!

  15. Hun, can you please tell this to my mum to give her an idea? Coz I think (as a DD) this idea is EXCELLENT!! :P I'm finishing grad school in a year or so, perhaps a lil gift for me? :lol: