Hermès and copy-rights

  1. Yesterday I passed a posh leather-good store in my home town, and in the shop window there were among other, generic leather bags a Birkin look-alike and two Kelly look-alikes.

    I was quite stunned to see the look-alikes in that particular shop, and I was also stunned to see that the not-Hermès bags were virtually identical to their Hermès counterparts.

    As I do not condone fakes et al. at all, I wanted to know if what I saw were indeed fakes. Are the Birkin and the Kelly shapes protected by copy-right laws? And if so, should I take a picture of the store window and send it to Hermès?
  2. I think the patent for the Kelly has run out because the original shape is from the 30s. The patent for the Birkin should still run, as it's from the 80s.

    Unfortunately, fakes and lookalikes are very common with these bags and even larger bag manufacturers shamelessly copy the shape.