Hermes and Beverages

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  1. I got this idea from @lala28 a little thirsty picture (poset #2804) here. I text lots of pictures of my drinks (mostly alcoholic beverages) to friends. So how about a thread for pictures of your Hermes bags with drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)! Perfect for those that don't like mod pictures but love taking pictures of your bags.

    My RC Lindy 26 with a glass of champagne. My SA opened a fresh bottle for my birthday!

    @papertiger hopefully this isn't too similar to any of the other threads. But feel free to combine/delete as you see fit.
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  3. Good idea !!
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  4. Evie accompanying me for hot chocolate :biggrin:
    :drinkup: And a happy, happy birthday to you! :drinks:
    Your Lindy is gorgeous, by the way B1DBD1E3-DA9E-44D6-A92B-91CEBB32F4D1.jpeg
  5. Vert Vertigo B25 with a dirty martini! Is it the weekend yet?

  6. Thank you! I have the same kindle! I went to Angelina's twice my last trip to Paris and brought back some mix for friends. :yahoo:

    Dirty martinis are my favorite! Your B25 is such a great color! Beautiful!:drinkup:
  7. Thank you, chkpfbeliever! This is only my second thread so I a glad it wasn't a huge dud like the other thread!
  8. Thank you, Prufrock613!:flowers:
  9. F86F4AB6-42EF-4776-9D7E-8FE6761C3708.jpeg I posted this on another thread the other day. Do I get xtra points for the bottle in my Birkin?
  10. love it! Happy Birthday!
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  11. :lol: I think it’s great ...who doesn’t like having a cocktail w their H??
  12. TOTALLY! That’s awesome lol
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  13. 6A87D69A-628A-4EBD-B2AD-B69A853C8FF3.jpeg 2D5D5349-5B49-4453-9E4D-8F847ECA82A9.jpeg My K’s
  14. #15 Oct 5, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
    Thx! Headed tonight to a cooking class with Orin Swift Cellars. I left my Birkin at home for fear of getting food on her at class! Would have made for a gr8 beverage/H pic for this thread but I got nervous and let her take a siesta in her box.
    love your Ks and the Au Galop CSGM.
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