Hermes and Aids walk

  1. Hello any one out there doing the aids walk in LA this Sunday
    What bag would you carry? HELP!:love:
    I have 42 jpg 35 and 25 birkins and just throw in your ideal color and lets go from there!
  2. I'd get an Evelyne so you can be hands-free. It's my airport/field trip/theme park/walkathon bag.
  3. I personally wouldn't carry any bag for a charity walk. Maybe some sort of small, sporty messenger to hold a small wallet, cell phone and keys?

    Then again, maybe I am getting the wrong picture but I would think one would wear workout/sports attire and any Birkin would look strange in this situation. JMHO.
  4. I have never heard of anyone carrying a handbag for a charity walk. Is this something new?:confused1:
  5. ^^ I have carried a shoulder/messenger bag if I am with my kids, as I need to carry their medicine at all times. Believe me, if I didn't have to, I wouldn't!
  6. ^^I agree. Usually I carry my keys, ID in a pocket. I get all sweaty when exercising and can't imagine carrying anything.
  7. ^^I agree a little shoulder bag to carry essentials but I was referring to a JPG or a Birkin as the OP stated. :yes:
  8. i would never carry a big bag much less a birkin for a charity walk. it's a sporting event not about how you look or what you're wearing. practically, i imagine you'll be walking a good distance and carrying a heavy bag will only slow you down. i would say messenger style is best as well. or nothing. just take your keys and some money, throw them in a pocket and go....
  9. Thank you all for your time and opinions I am helping my little brothers' school so I have to carry a first aid kit and emergency cards.I need some thing to put all that in.I am going to go buy a messenger bag and go from there. I just didn't have time all this week and if you see the time of my post I was desperate and it was late. I don`t own any shoulder bags but I will make time to go get one. I guess I`ll just have to eat drive through but I`ll walk it of. LOL Thank you all for the suggestions. XOXO I`ll tell you about it latter.