Hermes Amsterdam questions....

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  1. I'm going to be in Amsterdam in April and I was hoping someone here could tell me the prices for scarves, plisses, and bracelets in Euros. I don't know if its the same as in France or not. Also, how is the selection in Amsterdam?

    I love buying a little something when I'm on vacation and I've been wanting a plisse or maybe a horn scarf ring or both.
  2. The selection in Amsterdam is pretty good. The have a good selection of scarves, not too many plisses and I had never seen a scarf ring in there (haven't been there in about 5 months tho). There were also plenty of bracelets (leather and enamel).

    Prices are the same in France or maybe €5 - €10 more depending on what you buy - not a big difference tho. I can't find any of my receipts at the moment, so can't give you specifics.

    I think for a smaller store it's pretty well stocked. Staff are fantastic - I really miss them!

    Have a great trip :flowers:
  3. LM - Are you from the US? Don't forget to get paperwork for your VAT refund. The SA will do all the paperwork for you to get your refund at the airport.
    I agree with Cal - super nice staff. I don't remember how much I paid for my scarf and I'm not home to check. Sorry!
  4. K - just found a receipt for a scarf. It was March last year and €255, not sure of their current price, but in France they're €265. They'll either be that price in Amsterdam or a few € more.
  5. I´m glad I found this thread. Do they have a good selection of small leather accessorries like Karo, Clarissa etc.?
  6. Thanks for the responses! :flowers: I am from the US, so I would receive the VAT refund. :yes: Also, is Azurro Due a nice store? I noticed that it carried Lanvin and was right down the street from Hermes. Amsterdam is a beautiful city - this will be my third visit! Are there any nice vintage shops that would carry Hermes?
  7. They have the most charming sas! Good luck!