Hermes Agenda

  1. Hello ladies! I am going into get an agenda this coming week and was wondering if anyone has one?

    What leather would be the best and toughest? And color suggestions too! :yes:

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. What size agenda are you going for? Is it going to be banged around much?

    Anything grained should weather better than smooth leathers.

    When I picked my PM agenda, I hesitated between blue jean and aqua. In the end, I selected aqua because it went better with other items I have but the blue jean had a stiffer leather (clemence perhaps?). Mine's very soft (and strokable) but it could possibly damage if I was totally careless.

    Overall, most of the colours are gorgeous but for a small leather item like this, I'd go for a colour that either blends in with other things you have (wallet, etc) or something that pops (there was a very vivid pink available and I think an orange too) if you're all black for now.
  3. If you get a bright colour you can find it in your bag easier:yes:
  4. If you are worried about durability, don't get a lizard. I understand that the skin can peel off. I bought one and am kind of regretting it, since I have to be always so careful that it's protected in my bag. But it is very pretty, and I do love it...
  5. ohhh....I love lizard!
  6. Hey, new mom! Congrats!!!
  7. Thanks!

    Hey by the you know what type of lizard they use to make the leathergoods?? I just can't really picture it.....?:blink:
  8. I've got a Vision II agenda in Lilac Box leather which I LOVE!!!!! I am FINALLY organized! And, the color makes it easy to find in my bags - I use it not only as an agenda but also as a checkbook holder. It's perfect!
  9. I wonder where they get the lizard and what kind of lizard....
  10. bag-size lizard!!:lol:
  11. Handbagicus lezardii?
  12. they use varanus niloticus und varanus salvadori :flowers:
  13. Can you tell the difference between the two? Also, do they have a different symbol for each like they do with niloticus croc and porosus croc?
  14. i'm going to get the medium size one that zips all the way around... i'm not sure what the correct name is for it!

    i have a turquoise bearn bi fold as my wallet, but my birkin is black so i definately want a bright color.

    i was thinking maybe an orange or some kind of pretty blue/purple. maybe the lilac- that sounds pretty!

    shopmom- could you post a pic of yours if you dont mind?

    i need it to be really durable so thanks for the heads up about the lizard! i was thinking maybe ostrich?

    i just really dont know!
  15. no they do only use the one symbol and there is not a difference lookwise they just use two species of lizard as their is limited suply of good lizard skins thats how i was informed