Hermes agenda

  1. I realised that most of your bags inside have a Hermes agenda. I like one too as the colours are fantastic and they are affordable. However, I just wonder if a blackberry, mobile or Palm can serve your need more than an agenda? Or just that you like the Hermes agenda so you'd rather give up blackberry?

    Attached please find a new agenda (named Kelly secret notebook in SWIFT leather) from H which I scanned it from a magazine. It's nice, but not user-friendly unless you don't use the lock.
  2. Currently I'm using my mobile, however I am looking for a globetrotter zip to serve as agenda cum wallet. I just hate typing into my teeny HP, especially when fingernails grow long.
  3. I don´t think I´ve ever even seen a Blackberry here, on anyone so I can´t say about that one but I do like to use the agendas to jot things down rather than put notes in an electric device.
  4. I would love an agenda!!!
    At the moment I write everything down on scraps of paper, then transfer it to my calender.
    but naturally, the notes sometimes go astray
  5. i use the iphone for my calendar and notes. however i use the agenda simple gm with blank paper insert. you never know when you need to write something to give someone even if you make your own notes electronically. i never carry a pen but have a beautiful tiffany pencil. my agenda is tourquoise(sp) chevre mysore and i love it. you can also stash spare cash and receipts in the inside pocket. i also love the hermes page marker. anyway i'm sure this is more info than you wanted hope it helps.
  6. I use my LV pocket agenda to record meetings, appointments, and deadlines. I also own the Ulysse PM with blank pages. I use that to jot down notes quickly, and to sketch. I like to draw.

    Previously, I was a Treo owner, but gave that up since I realized that I'm rather old-schooled.

    It really depends on your habits and what you were brought up using.
  7. I have a Ulysse MM, and I love it. It fits great into all of my bags, but it's big enough to write notes during meetings, grocery lists, etc. :tup:
  8. Ulysse PM is the perfect size for me. It is very forgiving when held to make quick notes. It is also small enough to fit well in my purses. The best characteristic is the price. The Gucci and LV agendas that I researched at the time I was interested in purchasing one were all more in price. It is definitely a great value by any assessment.
  9. ^^Like you, I'm old school. My cell phone contract is up and I seriously considered either a Blackberry or a Treo. After really giving it serious thought and honest consideration, I just won't use it long. I like to write everything down.

    I plan on getting the globetrotter zippered agenda as soon as I can. I really like it, and I think it will be functional for me as well. I am also replacing my agenda at work, but I'll need a larger book for that. So, I have to really look at everything my next trip to Hermes. I'm not sure what they have that is larger than the Globetrotter.

    There are so many beautiful colors to pick from too. I am so in love with BJ or Shocking Rose right now.

    I don't think I could use the lock agenda. The lock would be for looks only and I wouldn't use it. I sold my Chloe Paddington for this reason.

    Good luck to you.
  10. I have the Vision size agenda in BJ. I love it. It has a lot of room while being slender. The writing area is fabulous as I can write down all my diagnostic evaluations according to the time of day. 8:00, 9:00 and so forth. I love it.

  11. This Kelly secret notebook reminds me of the diaries I had as a kid...

  12. I use my iPhone for contacts, calendar, notes etc, but I must admit I'm longing for an agenda for yet another burst of color in my bag. If I succumb, I most likely will get one with blank paper.
  13. I've only had my Hermes Ulysses for a week now and it's sooo pretty I don't want to use it, however, I've had my LV agenda for a year now. Prior to getting them I was a HUGE treo fan (I had three of them). I am a huge techy and keep my calendar on my lap top and used to believe that I needed a PDA to sync with my laptop. I had so many tech and battery issues that all the negative aspects outweighed the "cool" techy factor. I now carry my agendas with me to jot things down on the go and then transfer whatever needs to be transferred onto my computer. Having my pretty agendas in my purses makes everything look so pretty and peppy...I have no regrets down shifting to paper and pencil.
  14. I really like it too.....but only for looks. It does remind me of a diary too. Definitely not user-friendly. Too bad. Im thinking of getting the Zip around agenda b/c I heard it can also be used as a wallet.
  15. Glad to see this thread. I have a blackberry, but I have noticed it's hard for me to use my calendar while people are talking/telling me when and where a meeting is. It's new, so it might get faster for me in time, but I was wondering how wasteful it would be to use an agenda to write everything down, then transfer it all into the bb later. Seems like this is something people do. Goody!