Hermes agenda as a wallet?

  1. I really don't want to buy an LV wallet :shame: I think I'm too partial to Hermes now, and I know I wouldn't use it for very long, because I know I'll buy an Hermes wallet within the next year or so. But on the LV forum, I've heard a lot about using the LV agendas as wallets. I think this is a great idea, because that means I can reduce the amount of stuff I have to carry with me. But can you do this with Hermes agendas? I could completely justify putting the money set aside for the LV wallet and the money set aside for the Hermes agenda and just purchasing a nicer, more functional agenda. But I don't know if that would even work out, as I am unfamiliar with Hermes agenda usage and capacity. Does anyone here use an agenda as a wallet? If you do, what do you use, and if I may ask, how much does it run? :smile:

    I would have to have enough room for about 4-5 cards, decent size space for bills, and some area for storing business cards and small papers :yes:

    Also, does anyone know if these are still made? LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Large Notepad, Notepad It's the notepad holder, I believe, and it would be so perfect for me because I use notepads every single day in class. If they are still around and if someone has seen them or has one, what colors do they come in and how much do they run? ^_^

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. i use the vision agenda as a wallet -- my only disappointment was that i thought i would use the zip section for change, when in fact it's too narrow to get change out easily. it easily holds checkbook, bills receipts, credit cards, license etc.
  3. I have the same experience with my Vision zip--very practical but doesn't hold many coins. Because the coin section doesn't have a gusset, the coins make bulges and impressions on the leather. Have to use that zippered section for other flat items, like more credit cards.

    It was about $1100, compared to about $2000 for an azap, yet comparable in design and more versatile because you can also keep you agenda in it.
  4. No room for change isn't a bother to me, as I always keep change in a separate container anyway :yes: It is sounding like a nice option! I really like the idea that I can combine my agenda and my currency/cards into one nice bundle. How tall/wide is it? I'm supposing it would be around 6-7 inches?

    would love to know more about the notepad holder also :biggrin:
  5. here's a pic, neeya -- it's about 7 x 4.5 inches closed:

  6. wow, that would be a good wallet too.....

  7. Thank you for the pic!! It looks like such a nice neat way to organize! I think I would prefer that over an LV wallet and smaller Hermes agenda ^^ Have you always used it as a checkbook/funds holder instead of an agenda? I wonder who personally finds the system of combined agenda + wallet more (or less) easy to use then having two separate items for money and agenda :yes:
  8. Dressage queen, love the color! What is it called? Mine is orange.