Hermes African Scarf

  1. Does anyone know what season this scarf came out?

    I just bought it 2 weeks ago from Rome Hermes but I thought it was a beauty regardless.

    Doesn't a pair of South Sea Pearl 12.5mm golden hue earring just goes along well with it? [I've always liked South Sea Pearls better than Akoyas anyway :smile:]

  2. This is Persona by Loic Dubigeon first issued in 1997, reissued in 1998 and 2003. I like the way your pearls mimic the eyes of the mask. And give me a pair of South Sea Pearl earring anyday. My favorite gem.
  3. The original issue was Spring 1997, but I believe it has been reissued a couple times since then, 2003 most recently.

    It's beautiful! Congrats!
  4. It's beautiful. I have a pochette version of it.
  5. Gorgeous scarf!

    (South Sea pearls? Yes, please!)
  6. Beautiful scarf & lovely pearls.