HERMES Advice needed on the right purchase

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  1. I'm contemplating on a buying the right Hermes bag for me but not sure what to go for.

    It will be in the best preowned cond possible and not new.

    Ive prev owned a Picotin and vintage crocodile piano bag. Which I no longer have.

    I have these choice ahead of me:

    3.Jpg Birkin
    4. Kelly clutch
    5.Kelly shoulder
    4.So Kelly

    Or are there any others that I haven't mentioned.

    I am a busy mum of 3 as well as a little one on the way at the end of July and would like a stylish, good quality Hermes that I will use and keep and if I decide to let it go in the future that it will keep its value also. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217920.968995.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217941.520912.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217959.841215.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217973.029071.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217983.348805.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467217996.679596.jpg

    Just a few I've seen.
    What do you think and ideas exps on size weight leathers etc would be so helpful and I can decide as its driving me crazy.

    I'm 5ft 5'
    Size 12
    Skinny build. Some say petite.
    Look young for my age. [emoji4]

    I need to be patient and find the right one and all info from here is essential before I make that decision.
  2. It depends on a few other things, such as how young your 3 children are, if they're under 10 yrs old PLUS you will have a baby to juggle then it narrows your choices down a little more. Also how do you plan on using this bag, is it mainly with the children? If it is then I would say you need to be hands free, right, so a clutch style would not be a contender?
    I'm also a mum of 3 and have a variety of H bags, clutches, Evelyne, Kelly, Birkin and Lindy. My kids are not small 7-10 when I started using H bags and mainly the Kelly and Lindy to be hands free. I mostly carry my K on the shoulder. The Evelyne is deep and everything tends to pile at the bottom so best if I have a few things to carry and the wide strap is great. I think this may be a similar issue with the SO Kelly. The most practical bag for being with kids (and travel) is my Lindy 30. Did you consider this? It's practical and stylish and I don't see it being a bad choice for reselling further down the line although I wouldn't part with mine! I am a box and Swift leather fan - both very light, my only concession is my Lindy in Clemence but the shoulder option and size 30 keep it reasonably light.
    So based on my own experiences, maybe a Kelly 28/32 in a grained leather as it looks like you are UK based like me (our climate!), or a classic box that you can make weather proof (pretty good prices vintage or preowned still) or a 26/30 Lindy in a neutral or delicious colour. I think both styles have the versatility to transition for evenings or lunches without kids in the smaller sizes.
    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.
  3. As a Mom, perhaps an Evelyne may be a good choice to use until your babies are more grown. Hands free and crossbody would give you flexibility.
  4. Thanks I have 3 bigger children
    21,17, and 6 and a baby on the way.
    All boys so no trouble.

    Don't like the shape of the lindy for some reason but will do some more research on it.

    Clutch is so lovely buy yes out of the question.
    Evelyn and so Kelly are out then as I hate things piling up inside a bottomless pit. Yes thanks this is really helpful indeed [emoji106]

    The Kelly has always been my fav over the Birkin which I would buy simply for status and not practicality.
    Yes im in the uk[emoji636].

    Fab advice on neutral colours I've seen this just now what so you think:

    Hermes Kelly Natural Fauvre Tan Barenia Leather
    In very good preowned cond with everything except the box 1998 B Stamped and authenticated already.

  5. JPG's can be very heavy. What do you think of the Jypsiere?
  6. Thanks looks like a very flexible bag but may buy a my dream Kelly.
    As it's very stylish and can be worn hands free.
    I can also use some of my other bags when a baby is a little bigger and then revert back to my Kelly when I need to.
    It's such an opportunity to miss owning a Hemes Kelly.
    I'll have a baby bag separate.

    They all grown up but I still call them babies lol
    21,17 and 6.
    Only one baby on its way pretty soon.
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  7. The only real choice is the Birkin or Kelly than.
  8. I'm heading towards the Kelly ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467229709.451206.jpg

    I have a Mulberry Kelly it's so stylish and I love it.
    Forgot I had it.
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  9. It sounds like you really love the Kelly, so that's what I'd suggest. But keep in mind that you won't be using it very much for several years. I would take your time and look at everything that becomes available on eBay/reseller sites to get an idea of how different leathers age and wear, plus figure out what type of wear you just can't live with.

    Of your list, only the Birkin and Kelly will hold their resell value.
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  10. Oh yes, I believe a Kelly is whispering to you. A definite love and easy to find on resale market. I do not think things "pile" in them like an Evy (Even though I do love an Evelyne also.).

    I would choose a neutral, year round color in a durable leather for sure, and probably retourne as it is easier to wear.

    Good luck on fun decision.
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  11. Good idea I will take my time and ask lots of questions etc.

    Thanks the Kelly is just heaven I'm looking at lots of styles and leathers.

    I nearly bought a toolbox in swift Inanliveky blue Mykonos.
  12. Great advice thanks will also check out the retourne. [emoji106]
  13. It depends on how young your children are and if you like shoulder bags and what is your style as well. Which bag sings more to you? The B or the K? It seems it will be a debate between these two. I personally am still a B fan and have lots of things to jungle in my life. No kids right now so cannot speak about this. The K is also a great alternative. If you are petite then in my case I would take a smaller K while with a B I can take up to 35 in dark colours. I think a neutral colour may be nice and also there is my favorite B black with GHW which where I put so much. My others are PHW. You have lots of decisions but in the end choose what you love the most [emoji259]
  14. The Birkin is the mother of all bags and anyone bring lifetime for me sometimes I swing then other way as I have a Mulberry Kelly it's not Hermes but can make up for it iykwim.

    Then I think j need a Birkin at least I'll have one in my collection a lifetime achievement for me being comp bag mad.

    These are my final on my shortlist I can only have one

    A Sellier Kelly I like stylish structured bags not sure which leather which his the lost hardwearing of all Hermes leathers I need an expert to confirm this.

    A Birkin in a fav colour or classic colour in a hardwearing leather also.

    I quite like the vibrato leather which is very rare, quirky and a very different look.

    Blues, purples, blacks, browns spring to mind.

    I have two similar Orange Twillys to wrap around the handles any thoughts?
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  15. A Birkin isn't all that practical with kids but if you can deal with handheld/arm held, it is a very useful bag, and if you want the status, well, there is only one B.
    I prefer the Kelly as a hands-free but optionally hand/arm held bag, and I think it is the most beautiful, however as much as we all love it, it is not as recognizable. I prefer it for this reason but you have said you'd like a status bag.
    In either bag, for durability, you want Togo or Clemence. Some find these bags heavy, I personally don't at all. You should try them to see.

    The Barenia K you posted is divine but know that Barenia is a leather that will get marked up and patina'd and will stain. You need to love this leather and be ok that is is never even close to pristine.

    For practicality I would not do a shoulder B/K or a So Kelly and of course not a clutch.

    Given your needs I say Kelly unless you really want that one Birkin in your collection. For me the B was my first H bag and I don't find myself chasing them much now. many great bags out there. Good luck!
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