Hermes Ad from W magazine Sept 2006

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  1. Not sure if my fellow H addicts have seen this from the Sept issue of W magazine...

    sorry for the huge pictures...




    and the last one for my friend who is drooling over this scarf like I am..
  2. I love the one with the Horse. I saw it in Vogue! I think that should be my new avatar! he he he!
  3. saw it first at my Town and Country subscription...and i as soon as i got it, i called my local H store and inquired about the SAC EN V bag. they have no clue what it was....

    when i finally had the chance to stop by, we looked it up in the book and sure enough it was there - available S/S 2007. oh well.....
  4. can anyone tell me how she did her scarf that way???

    fesdu... you're the best!!!:kiss:
  5. teeheehee :heart::heart::heart:
  6. Thanks for posting these! I know everyone is probably looking at all the gorgeous H items, but I'm enchanted by.. the HORSE! With it's silver mane, it just looks somewhat magical and so stately.:smile:
  7. I know..I love that horse!!! soooooo beautiful!!!!!
    and that girl is gorgeous!!! the scarf on her is perfection!
  8. :nuts: I LOVE THE HORSE!!!!! Waaah ... I want a horse!!!:heart:
  9. I have torn those out of the mag! I love those pictures!
  10. ^^ no kou no, remember, no impulse buying!

  11. That is one beautiful horse, I almost ignored the hermes merchendise!
  12. i saved them on my computer - same difference i guess.
  13. :lol: :roflmfao:
  14. Love her leather trench and gorgeous bracelets!!
  15. I think I'm going to try to make that picture my wallpaper.:yes:
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