Hermes Accessory Prices in Paris

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  1. Hi I will be travelling to Paris soon and wanted to start my Hermes collection.

    Still trying to get hubby on board for a birkin, but in the meantime I wanted a bracelet or some sort of jewelry.

    Can anyone tell me how the accessory prices overall compare in the USA to Paris (especially since I can get some of the VAT back)


    PS - how much do the enamel bracelets start at? Is there any other starter level jewelry I can buy?
  2. You can compare the prices by going to Hermes' website in the US and then switching to France. The same items are pictured (enamel bracelets, scarves, etc) with prices given. You will have to calculate the exchange rate. You can take 10% off for the VAT, but you will have about 2% extra charged by your credit card company. I think, for accessories, the prices are a little less in the US now.

  3. Thanks - you kjnow I never even thought to do this. I went online and checked, I couldn't find the US price of the thin enamel 6 cm enamel bracelet with the h in the center - in euros it is 374 euros.
  4. The price for the thin enamel is 500$
  5. all items cost less....BUT the euro/$ exchange will probably make it the same!