Hermes Accessories

  1. Just bought some gorgeous Hermes Blue enamel cufflinks and some Beautiful H orange enamel earrings! Anyone else have more Hermes accessories?:wlae:
  2. Thank you!
  3. ^^ Congratulations to your new purchases, and welcome to the Orange Side. Do post pictures to share with us! :yes:
  4. Do post pictures, we are big on pics here.

    Congrats on your accessories!
  5. Ooo! id love to see the earrings

  6. Will try and post pics- I'm not very technical! :confused1:
  7. Scottish Girl - I would love to see your new accessories. Do you wear quilt with that while you are having a scotch? Just kidding;)
  8. and eat haggis!
  9. ^^^Oh, no! Last time someone brought up haggis on a thread, it went on for a few pages.

    Congrats on the items. Which earrings did you get? I'm thinking of some enamel ones for myself, but would like to hear whether or not you find them comfortable.