Hermes Accessories for Your Bags

  1. What accessories do you use on your bags?
    Do you mix accessories like hanging tags and twillys? Do you mix hardware colours like using a gold hippo on a pall. bag? What's the most accessories you've used at once? What is your favorite accessory (name type, ie, name of scarf, type lock etc)?

    I generally use one of my locks with a scarf but wonder about everyone else.

    Please supply pics if you can.
  2. I only use my gold Hippo on bags with gold HW. (He's on my LV Saleya PM right now. :lol: ) I have used both the Hippo cadena and a twilly or pocket square on my LV Speedy. I've used a pocket square on my Evelyne to shorten the strap. My favorite would be the Hippo. :flowers:
  3. I just got my first twilly (black Tohu Bohu). Here it is on my Kelly:love:
    k1.jpg k2.jpg
  4. ^^gorgeous twilly Rose! I love them all-the Twillys, cadenas, bag charms, etc.; I used to think I wouldn't use them as I tend to like to keep things simple, but they're too enchanting not to use. On my Vert Anis, I have the shamrock leather charm and occasionally I'll tie on the Twilly, the Tiger charm on the Rouge H, and the 3H charm for the Sapphire Blue. I just received my Pegasus cadena, but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  5. Thank you Orchids! Would love to see some pics of your 'goodies':heart:
  6. ^^Will post some up next week in the members' sections. Am awaiting a scarf too so will put them all up at once.
  7. Does anyone think that you can put too much on a bag?
  8. YES^ my DH thought that the Twilly along with the leather charm together with the clochette and lock was a bit much, and I had to agree, but oftentimes I don't care and just do what I feel like doing that day or whatever I had on the bag previously.
  9. Gorgeous Rose!!! I love your taste/choice in Kelly & twilly, HOT!
    I wear my gold Hippo with gold Kelly,goldHW. I hope to get a Birkin with GOLD HW, to wear my hippo on that too.:heart:
  10. i just normally hang the lock with the keys or every now and then, my twillys. i haven't elevated to hanging charms yet.
  11. Thanks Star!

    Sus, I don't normally dress my Kelly as I like being as unfussy as possible. This is my first go with a twilly and I am suprised that I do like it on my Kelly. It gives it a bit of 'fun' factor when I need it.
  12. Rose your twilly wrapping is beautiful!
  13. Ok, Rose, I need instructions on the handle tie. I tried and mine came out looking like an unwound Slinky.:weird:
  14. going past the H boutique window tonight i saw a unique accessory on a bolide. in the shape of one of the key covers, instead of leather it was made out of silk, in one of the scarf patterns, and it covered a small oval mirror, instead of keys.

  15. Here are hello2703 step-by-step handle wrap. I did mine leaving it slighly longer on one side by not tucking as much in to start. Have fun!:heart:
    Kellyhandlewrap1.jpg Kellyhandlewrap2.jpg Kellyhandlewrap3.jpg Kellyhandlewrap4.jpg