Hermes-a-holics Anon.

  1. I'm GF, and I'm a Hermes-a-holic.

    Thought I'd start a support thread - the opposite of NO juicy gorgeous pics, no enabling......(bloody hell, it's gonna be hard...I've got the shakes and sweats already!)

    just support! The kind a good nanna bra provides.:upsidedown:

    I must not buy any small leathergoods until my DJ's card is paid off (like a Saks Fifth Ave charge card)......
  2. Ah, I've stumbled on the inaugural HA meeting.

    OK I will not make any orders (barring the gold w/ white contrast stitching 35 Birkin) until I have taken deliveries of all (what, did I say all?? how pathetic - only 1) bags currently being awaited.
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    hehehe. Didn't see this one til now.
  4. I'm also not allowed to SO anymore bags until current SO's arrive, and paid in full.

    No Birkins or Kelly's (except for the one DH is getting me) until SO's are done, either.

  5. [​IMG]

    THIS is the kinda support I"M talking about!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. (monotone) It has been 44 days since my last H purchase. Since then I have not made any H purchase.

    Wish I could say that about the last time I had a drink!
  7. Nothing and no one could support that!! :roflmfao:
  8. it's been 24 hours for
  9. I'm on a buying ban until next Spring :wtf: when I've got 3 SO arriving:wtf: so I mustn't buy ANYTHING until then....:wtf:
  10. B!oody hell! No wonder you need HA.

    Taking a couple of deep breaths of air every time you think you want to buy something helps.
  11. Well I'm actuallying hitting the H store tomorrow for a couple of small items and then I'm on a ban (also awaiting one bag though) not pretty and that picture above - holy smokes!!!!
  12. Problem........................what problem? I don't have a problem.:P:upsidedown:
  13. I'm TV and I'm a al-Kelly-aholic. I have resisted the temptation today to purchase a black box Kelly and it was tough (would have been tougher if it had been 28 or 32 cm rather than 35). One day at a time.
  14. I'm thinking I should be on a 12 scarf program- in lieu of any Birkin or Kelly purchases I should limit myself to one scarf, pochette or Kelly . . .oops I meant twilly per month for the next 12 months.
  15. Hmm, still in denial stage, huh? Sorry you can't join until you've accepted you have a problem.:banned: