Hermes, a college student, and the workplace?

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  1. This is an odd question, but I would really love to hear some opinions!

    If a 22 year old intern walked into an office or place of work to begin an internship, and carried/wore Hermes bags and accessories, how do you think others would feel about this?

    I have been wondering about this, as I plan on applying for an internship at a Charlotte arts center. But I always have worried about walking into a work place, be it for internship or career, carrying an Hermes bag, wearing Hermes scarves, etc. at this age. Should I carry bags and wear accessories with confidence, or should I leave them at home, to avoid conflict or offense? I suppose I base all of this on my age... :s

    I already know that I could never, ever, take an Hermes bag near ANY of my family (outside of sister, Mom, Dad) My relatives (specifically aunts and cousins) would no doubt make remarks about my Hermes items, as I have carried Juicy Couture bags and worn designer sunglasses around them and received numerous rude comments. And that's just family; I worry about people I would be working under/with having a reaction similar to this.

    Or maybe I'm just being silly :shame: What do you think?
  2. My advice (for what it's worth) is that you should always wear what you want, when you want (as I do), but do it nicely. If you carry a bag that screams Hermes (which would be hard, because the whole point of them is that they are elegant and understated, unless it's fuschia crocodile!), wear it in a gracious way, but don't flash it around. It's your bag - and if you choose to carry a very expensive bag, that's your business, and anyone who doesn't share your view - well, that's their problem. On the other hand, I would say if you're on a scholarship somewhere, don't wear flashy things, because presumably you got the scholarship due to financial need, right? But an internship is a different story. If you want to wear your scarves to work (check the other thread about different way to wear your scarf - I posted my favorite way to wear one, which is what I think looks chic, smart, and tres French!) wear it in a demure way, and you'll carry it off well. I don't see how anyone in their right mind would criticize a gracious person who wore a scarf nicely and carried a Kelly (or the bag of your choice). The key is to be gracious, and not to act in a way that makes people assume you feel you are superior because of what you're carrying. It's true that owning a Birkin will make anyone feel like she's the Queen of England, but keep it real. Just remember, those who criticize you are probably just jealous. Most people who make petty remarks are. Wear your Hermes with pride, for you are a woman with taste, no matter your age!
  3. I guess it depends on how you feel about out. Some people can be mature and accept that you own nice things while others can be just flat out jealous and rude.

    I know I get snide remarks for carrying my designer items. There's been times where I'm out with people and they'll pin the entire tab on me and make a remark about "Oh, you can afford it because you have ____" and point at the item.

    I think it's tacky of them and they should mind their own business.

    Wear what you have proudly and don't give in to them. It's yours, you paid for it, so you deserve to use it however you please.
  4. I'm also 22 too =)
  5. terribly well said lady emma :yes:
  6. I think it depends on the culture of where you are going and if it were me I'd scope this out before deciding on wearing something as luscious as Hermes.

    I worked at Nike for a while and everyone was dressed for comfort, of course in Nikes, and there were stories about people showing up in Addidas and being sent home. I didn't see many designer bags, and you sort of learn to not want to be too different.

    When we had our family business I was careful about what I wore because I didn't want everyone asking for raises.

    I'm just throwing out words of caution...may be that where you are going will be fine with whatever you choose to wear.

    Good luck!
  7. Well I think you should see how other people there dress and dress to fit in accordingly. Honestly I think something like a Hermes bag could be off-putting. People may assume that you got the job/internship b/c of family connections when you're carrying something that expensive.
  8. Lady Emma know what she is talking about.
  9. I'm 19 and just bought my first Hermes, and I don't care what people think. :p

    PS: my family and boyfriend give me crap all the time!
  10. LadyEmma: Very well said, and thank you for it! I've never been big on calling a lot of attention to myself, despite the fact that my taste in clothing has always been pretty out there and bold; it stressed me, heavily, for a long time having a love for eclectic clothing, but having to deal with the stares and looks of other people. I suppose that's why I lean towards understated Hermes Bolides and why I returned an LV bag after only 30 minutes of purchase. I don't care at all for blatant labels. I've always worn what I want, but up until now, I have never *really* had to worry about the effect of it on my relationship with other people.

    ...and I'm probably awful, because I would die to have fuschia crocodile...I'm madly in love with hot pink!!! :biggrin:

    lizlikeshugs: I have had the same problem in the past. I have a lot of ex-friends that assumed that since I bought nice things, that it was somehow my duty to cover their meals, drinks, etc. And I admit, I did it for a while, foolishly. I let them mess up my house, eat everything, leave trash lying around. I eventually realized that there was a serious problem, and that these people weren't very good friends :hrmm:

    Kismet: I believe we're kind of thinking along the same lines. I really feel as though I should sort of test the waters before I start wearing items that would stick out as being pretty luxurious.

    Ehh I should hope they wouldn't think that, but I suppose it's very well possible :shame: It's just frustrating for the first time having to really contemplate and be cautious in what I wear. In college, I've worn a lot crazy things, from every end of the spectrum, without thought. But now...bleh :confused1:
  11. wear it with pride, but as lady emma has so eloquently stated - do it nicely (i.e. no "bryan boy poses please") . starting a new job is hard enough - regardless of whether or not you're getting paid for it. good luck!
  12. forgot to mention, if no one recogizes the brand or think it's a fake, let them. your posessions are safer that way.
  13. girl don't worry about anyone but yourself. If no one is putting a penny towards your purchase than they should keep their 2 cents to themselves. That said, wear your bags and all other designer digs wherever and whenever you want.
  14. Very well put ladies! It is ultimately what you believe in. I started carrying a birkin when I was 18 and and I still wear it with pride!
  15. You are not being silly. You are talking about the politics of clothing and that is huge in the arts. You will say as much about your career ambitions with your clothing as you will with your words.

    Because you are talking about an arts center, you might have some latitude. People in the arts can appreciate fine things, but each cultural org will have unwritten rules about exactly what you can wear.

    I work in a place a bit like this. Statement jewelry is a big no-no here, but great scarves are a yes.

    I also think it will have a lot to do with what else you wear. An understated suit with a colorful scarf would impress me.

    Also, from reading your other posts, I see that you tend to select things carefully. You actually have a lot of restraint for a person of your age. If you wear/carry the right stuff to the interview, that may come through.