Hermes 35cm Runway Birkin

  1. Gorgeous bag! :smile:
  2. I keep eyeing that bag, and I love it! But I think I would need to have a bag budget the size of Victoria Beckham's to actually justify it to myself, LOL!
  3. oh yeah that is the bag my manager named the "she sleeps over it ..........again" bag . i really love it but on the other hand it won´t suit anyhing i have believe me i had put it away for weeks until i finally let it go but if someone really has the matching wardrobe go for it it is truly stunning :smile:
  4. Ya know, it's funny...I have a really boring wardrobe consisting largely of black pants. LOL But I think I would rock this bag.
    I can see it working with everything from a camel cashmere sweater & jeans, to chocolate wool pants and a cream silk blouse with an equestrian-themed scarf, to a grey flannel suit. It would even work with khakis and a denim shirt.
    I think the way it was shown on the runway is obviously way too much herringbone, but other than that, I actually feel that it's quite a versatile bag. It's very horsey-set, which I happen to love.
  5. Ummmm. Did someone buy it?!
  6. I've seen this bag IRL at my H store. It was the 30 cm size. It was so beautifully made that it literally took my breath away. Had it not already been sold, I would have wanted it for myself. The price was $8250.00 in Canadian dollars.
  7. That does NOT sound bad (then again I have no earthly idea of the conversion to USD). I sure wish I had seen one at my store.
  8. I checked their site again and the bag is gone.....some lucky lady might have gotten her hands on it....