Hermes 2017/2018 Cinhetic Bag

  1. Not for everyone but saw one of these bags today and was able to play with it-
    Kinda love the urban, minimalistic and architectural style of this bag
    One flat outside back pocket
    Two inside phone pockets
    Lined in butter soft lambskin
    Silver chain is not removable, but can be tucked in the bag to make it pure handheld
    Very edgy look IMO
    Here are some photos I've found IMG_1512377066.072106.jpg IMG_1512377074.612759.jpg IMG_1512377085.134487.jpg IMG_1512377093.672215.jpg IMG_1512377101.401573.jpg IMG_1512377109.061869.jpg IMG_1512377117.617051.jpg
  2. IMG_1512377201.692482.jpg
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  3. Love!❤️
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  4. I saw the mini one, which is soooo cute. But the mini is like an card holder with strap with a price tag of 4475. And the regular boxy one is 9200.
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  5. Ah..... I'm in love with it too!
  6. I haven't seen the mini but imagine it's precious - I did see a sort of walker on a chain Hermes style with the same hardware
    Did you get a chance to try both sizes on?
  7. I also love their wallet with strap!!!

    Saw two today (vert vertigo and bleu hydra). Also saw one today on It’s very very small but with the new leather, it’s super cute!!!
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  8. Love the look of this bag
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  9. What a great bag! I used to have a Mark Cross bag of similar shape - one of my colleagues referred to it as my lunch box! I will have to check these out, thanks TT! Did you indulge?!?
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  10. Yes Yes Yes!
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  11. I really fell for this bag
    The thing was it had to be practical in addition to being collectible - wgibj was my initial hesitation
    So ultimately I bought
    Can see it worn with tailored day suits as well as semi formal evening events
    Not sure if this style will be very popular-
    Maybe that adds to its cache as well?
    Mine is chèvre with the spine showing along the back panel in a color I didn't have in my collection
    The stars aligned .....
    Also loved the two inside phone pockets - the chain and handle combo
    and the new style minimalist front latch
    It had me at "Hello"
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  12. Congrats TT, this bag is very classy and chevre is luscious. Hope to see a modeling pic :heart:
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  13. Thank you
    Will do
    But for now here are some fun IG photos IMG_1512458870.761766.jpg IMG_1512458883.426266.jpg IMG_1512458896.708838.jpg IMG_1512458905.688421.jpg
  14. And here are some IG photos of the mini IMG_1512458945.457353.jpg IMG_1512458953.461519.jpg
  15. I like the chain strap! Can’t wait to see yours!
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