Hermes 2016 - Anyone notice a difference in store inventory or experiences la...

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  1. #1 Apr 28, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
    So this has been on my mind lately. Has anyone noticed any change in inventory or just your store in general now days? As the economy changes around the world, prices in certain areas in the world still priced very high, tourism from various groups to different areas around the world and even a crackdown by governments using H goods as bribery, wondering if anyone has noticed changes. I have been glancing at the HK thread and notice bags on shelves being mentioned that were inconceivable before and even people mentioning a different experience than a few years ago. Additionally many articles citing luxury sales changing in the past year have been been published. Would love to hear your thoughts, first hand experiences and stories.

    Have you noticed more inventory? Have bags been easier to get? Or is it just all the same. This may be adding to much to the conversation but would love to also hear thoughts on predictions for future - if this new inventory would lead to lower resale and more glut in resale market going forward also. Thanks for sharing!

    And here's is another article that came out today - Hermes Sales Buoyed by Bags After Boosting Leather Output
  2. I've noticed a big change in H online for the US. There are so many more styles of bags available now, including Lindys in various colors. Maybe that's where the increase in purse output is going.
  3. A lot of the web inventory is actually boutique inventory, hence the "delivery delay" message that accompanies some items. They are trying to integrate their sales platforms, but it is far from perfect at the moment- Items may be listed on the website that are no longer actually available.
  4. It does seem to me that inventory is better lately....
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  5. Thank you, Monceau. That makes a lot of sense.
  6. I have to agree. a couple of years ago finding a cdc was like looking for a four-leaf clover. now I have never walked into a boutique and not seen several of them displayed not to mention the unseen back stock. last week i saw multiple rodeos in the display case. when I asked my SA for additional colors and sizes he pulled open the drawer and there were at least 25 rodeos. no joke! I was so surprised but it almost made the ones I purchased less like finding a unicorn and special. maybe Hermes is becoming too available......
  7. My store lately (the last two months) has really really great inventory. Two years ago I could not even get twillys. Now there are lots of silks, cdcs...and BAGS!!!!
  8. Then why am I still waiting for my birth month B???? I want to say this out loud to my SA.
  9. And there is no point wasting your breath in asking, at least that's my experience. I stopped asking and purchased my neutral (a black chevre HAC in pristine condition) . No sense wasting brain cells pondering H's nonsense.
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  10. I haven't been a serious H shopper for too long but I would assume my home store has a much bigger inventory than the past. I once saw a girl in there asking about rodeo charms and they pulled three out, two in orange poppy and one in sakura I believe. Another time one of the SA's was showing a client three different Kelly wallets, one black HW, one light grey ostrich PHW, and one dark red croc or alligator (not familiar with them enough to know) with GHW. These two instances were two or three months apart but both times produced items I didn't think were carried often, especially multiples.
  11. Good to know. Thanks! H inventory seems hard to navigate for a newbie.
  12. 25 rodeos! I need to switch to your store! But you are right. If I saw so many I probably wouldn't covet them as much either.

    My home store in in the West Coast.

    I've seen more CDCs, Lindys, and even the occasional Kelly wallet on display over the past year. However, my store still seems to have limited stock of rodeos (have yet to get a PM one, just MM and GM) and the twilly selection is usually pretty limited. But to be fair, I only visit the store a few times a year so maybe my perspective is too narrow.
  13. Yes definitely! Lots of goodies in displays recently that we would have never seen several years ago. I too have seen rodeos in drawers (usually MM or GM though cause PMs sell out fast) and CDCs everywhere! even in croc.

    I also feel like there is alot of bag inventory on the shelves. I definitely see a slowdown in the luxury market.
  14. I think there are more items in the US because Hermes makes more money on products in the US as opposed to other countries. I remember years ago that Japan had the inventory again because Japan's prices were 2x as they were in the US.

    I do not see Kellys or Birkins on the shelves as I did 10-15 years ago.
  15. True true. We'll know when the US is in an inventory glut when we see K's and B's on the shelves. I also agree with your comment about H directing items to the US due to the exchange rate. You're so smart EB!