Hermes 2007!!! New date code, K in a Square!!!!

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  1. Now that the new date code is K in a square!!! how many girls here are planning on purchasing H bags solely because the K stamp is also the first initial of their name????

    Me, I'm going to purchase a 25cm Black Box Kelly GH this year solely for the purpose of giving it to my daughter when she turns 18, I will not use it or touch it. I will store it away for her until the time is right.

    Her name is Kyanie

    Okay, now I have to go into the city, so talk to you girls in the new year!!!!!!
  2. be safe out there. bundle up.
    i'll have to keep the initial thing in mind in...eleven years. lol by then i can ask dd (she'll be 14) if she cares about bags.
  3. Well, I have no "K"'s in my name, but then I also do not have "G,H,I or J", and it did not stop me from buying bags! :shrugs: I have a feeling I will buy a "K" bag (or a few) too!:yes: :p
  4. How sweet is that Bagg! I don't have any girls (two boys), let alone any letter K's.

    Have fun out there! Be safe!!!
  5. I don't have K for an intial with my name either. But my new birkin has the k in the square.
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :party:

    I wish you guys all the best for 2007!!! Lots of love, happiness, good health, blessings, and Hermés goodies!!! :nuts:
  7. oh, BH, that is sooooo sweet! imagine how awesome that kelly will be in a few years (and imagine the savings ;) ).

    Happy Year of the "K" to you all!!!! Best wishes for the new year! :happydance:

    enjoy tonight for me, i have to work. :cry:
  8. How about "K" for Kellybag?
    That means a bag for each and everyone of us in 2007!
  9. Yeah...I am a "K"...actually, I have two K' at least two bags!!!!!!!!
  10. OOh, I'm going to need an L, so maybe 2008 is the year for MY Kelly!

    Baggs, that is SOOOO wonderful! What a gift! BTW, your daughter's name is lovely!
  11. heh, don't give me a reason to get a Hermes bag :greengrin:
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Yes, a K in my husband's family name and YES, at least one K stamped bag :yes: :love:
  14. no K in my name but at least one K stamped beauty for me though...or maybe
  15. Don't need any reason to buy an H bag except that I gotta have it. :nuts:

    Figure I will likely have a K one in the upcoming year. :yahoo: