Hermes #2: Togo Black with GHW??

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  1. Hi all:

    I have been offered black 40 cm with GHW in Togo. I am wondering if I should take it. I am worried about veining in Togo. Any input will be awesome! Other than that, I am excited to add to my collection.

    There is also an Indigo with PHW in Togo. Of the 2, which would you pick? Black or Indigo?
  2. Your thread's title says Hermes #2, what is the number 1, it would be helpful to know to see what would be a good follow-on.
  3. If you are looking for a 40cm and you dont have black, it is a classic combo!! I would snatch up the black if I were you!!
  4. It would depend on what your number 1 is. But the black is always a classic!
  5. My #1 is a cafe clemence 40 cm. (i like larger bags).
  6. If you don't like veining, why don't you just pick the bag without the vein as opposed to the colour?
  7. ^^ the issue is that I haven't seen the bag. It is at a different boutique than my local one. I have never seen veining to say if I like it or dislike it. My guess is that I won't care because it is leather..
  8. I have a black 40 PH and it is very durable. I don't even notice the veining, it is just a beautiful matte black. I use it for everything, including my baby bag.
  9. indigo. black can be flat looking for some reason IMO.... and indigo gives a little depth and interest while working the same way a black bag does
  10. The Indigo is nice but has PHW..My preference is GHW. You are right though, I think Indigo makes it really interesting..
  11. Indigo is a gorgeous colour. If I were you however I'd go for black. Since you want GHW and also because black goes with colours that brown-family colours don't necessary complement as well.

    Maybe you could ask about the veins on the Indigo just to be sure?
  12. I would take black togo w/GH (one of my person favorite combos) in a heartbeat! Have you seen the bag in person yet? It may or may not have veins. My advice is to have a look at it in person (if possible) before you make up your mind. It's a big purchase and would be a real shame if you pay for it but won't love it once you get it (for one reason or another).
  13. Some togo doesn't have deep veins, see the bag in person before making any decisions
  14. I'd ask the boutique to send you a picture of each and also to ask about the veining. Let us know what your gut reaction is when you see pictures.
  15. Black gets my vote.

    And I must say that for some reason, veins in togo have come to be a negative thing recently. IMHO, veining is what gives the skin its own individual character and I don't think it's a bad thing at all. It is certainly one of the normal qualities of togo leather, just like chevre has its own distinct characteristics etc.