Herme watch: what is the price to get it serviced and battery changed?

  1. hi ladies,
    i've been wondering does hermes charge you when u want to get ur watch serviced or change battery also, do they polish the watch for you?
    how about battery how much is that? thanks :smile:

    btw, i'm still new to the h-board ;)
  2. I paid $20 CDN to have the battery changed two months ago, they also serviced it (cleaned). In Toronto, the watch goes to a local jeweler who has an arrangement with Hermes Canada.
  3. I paid £25 to have a 25 year old clock repaired, polished and overhauled at the swiss Hermes watchmaker's. Its the only incredibly reasonable Hermes service there is!!!!
  4. when i went in to have a battery changed a month or two ago, they were going to charge me $75...just to replace the battery! my SA actually sort of lowered her voice and mentioned i could take it to another jeweler for a better price. i had to laugh :smile:
  5. I got mine changed for free... why are they charging these terrible fees.
  6. If you have the right set of screwdriver, you could open the back and replace the battery yourself. I do that on my quartz watches myself.

    You could order a set of Bergeon swiss-made screwdriver set from Otto Frei:

    Pull out the old battery and replace it with a new one. Usually they are probably made by Renata. There is a code on the battery and just order a new one.
  7. My shop changed the batt on my Cape Code for free and cleaned it up too.
  8. Hermes has always changed my batteries for free. If I have time to leave the watch for a while they polish it for free as well. They have even offered to have it couriered to my house in one instance when I was leaving on a scheduled trip.
  9. free??? thats fabulous service!!!!!

    we had to pay for the batt to be changed & they cleaned up the watch too....

    it appears there are diff. prices quoted for a batt change too...

    everything in hermes is always strange in her own ways.
  10. Has anyone done this lately especially in Paris? And how much is the battery exchange over there?
    I have Medor-watch and was thinking to take it with me on trip...
  11. After our Pris trip I can say that the service at the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré-store is exquisite!
    I got battery exchange for free and while I was waiting for it to be done at least five different sa:s came to ask if I'm being helped :smile:
  12. Has anyone here had experience with replating a gold Hermes plated watch? I bought a vintage watch...and it needs some love around the H corners (H hour). I'm going to Paris this fall and can also get any repairs done there.
  13. I don´t have any experience but my advice is to take it to a good watch-retailer. Hermès won´t change batteries etc and I had to go elsewhere when I needed it changed. I am not sure if they would re-plate? In any case I would personally ask my local boutique and then I would also ask a watch retailer.

    I am not sure if Hermès FSH will change batteries or re-furbish watches.
  14. Thanks for the advice, lovely64! :smile:
  15. You are welcome.

    I just read the other posts above mine and it seems as if some H stores do change batteries. My store doesn´t.