Heritage XL Satchel Available to Order in Geranium!!!

  1. I am sure you will be thrilled to know that you can still order the heritage stripe XL satchel in Geranium!!! :yahoo:

    I'm sure the geranium will be gone again in no time, so all you ladies who love this bag and thought it was gone, this is for you!

    The bag is available to order via Nordstrom's!!! Geranium is completely sold out via Coach directly and CS told me that they would not be getting more.

    Macy's is also sold out of Geranium. (Coach still has 4 XL left in pink and 200 left in brown)

    The bag is $458 and only $5 shipping! The best part is you can call Nordstrom's CS and use your Nordstrom's notes towards your order!!! :tup:

    Ya'll can thank me later! HAHA JK! I really hope all of you who want the gorgeous geranium are able to place your order.


    Dark Brown:
  2. how lame! I can bill to a canada addy but can only ship to a US addy !!
  3. I saw the geranium XL in Boston yesterday, they said they had a few... if anyone up that way is interested in getting their hands on one.