heritage tote kind of on the website...

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  1. I was looking on the Coach site and I typed "pink" into the search area and some heritage stuff popped up... from there you can order it through the site... I don't know if that's easier than ordering through JAX or your local store but just FYI :tup:
  2. ok im new what's JAX?
  3. stupid ban!!! lol
  4. I know me too... sigh... :hysteric:
  5. JAX is Jacksonville Florida. The main Coach warehouse. When you call the Coach 1-800 number you get Jacksonville.
  6. loving the pink!!:heart::heart::heart:
  7. went shopping at my local mall and had to walk by the Coach store. Since I've placed myself on a ban I wasn't going to go in and tempt myself but out of the corner of my eye I saw a pink heritage bag (still wrapped). SO of course I has to go in and check it out. Her is a BEAUTY!! Good for me :tup:, bad for her:tdown:, but she had to stay at the store.