Heritage Stripe??

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  1. I am thinking of getting one of these in a swingpack today (white stripe) do you think these look cheap because of the coating?I am afraid it will look fake..are they easy to keep clean?I really want the white one for summer.Tell me your opinions on them PLEASE.....
  2. I have the white stripe tote and I love it. I personally don't think that they look cheap. They are relatively easy to keep clean, but the white leather on mine does get a little dirty on the corners and handles, but I try to clean it every so often. I did experience a little color transfer from some dark jeans, but luckily, I was able to wipe it off pretty easily because I noticed it right away!
  3. I love these swingpacks. I want to get one in grass or pink with a mini to match. I think these are adorable !
  4. I don't have the bag, but as far as the coating goes I don't think that it looks cheap. I thought that at first too, just because I was so used to the bag without the coating, but then it was brought to my attention that a lot of the designers do that. i.e.: Louis Vuitton!!!:tup: Go for it they are so cute, and the white is great in the summer
  5. oh thanks...I got it and I DO love it...
  6. I have the one with the pink. How could it look fake?
  7. congrats :tup: I think this material is great in a swingpack because you can just wipe it clean and take it anywhere!
  8. I have the pink wallet. I was not crazy about the coating but it is growing on me.
  9. I love mine and breathe easier because of the coating. Now if only I didn't have to worry getting the strap dirty. Never thought of the canvas coating looking cheap, I guess because I know how far away from cheap it is.

  10. exactly what I was gonna say.
  11. I am personally not a fan of the Heritage stripe. But I'm not a big fan of anything signature really. So that's probably a big part of why I don't like the Heritage. And IMO the coating does make it seem cheap. But I seem to be in the minority here.
  12. i love the pink one..i dont think the coating makes it looks cheap anyhow..
  13. I bought the geranium one for our vacation in June. I figured it would be a great bag to take to the beach and not have to worry about spots and sand and marks...just wipe it clean! I think they are really pretty!

  14. Heritage Stripe is very easy to keep clean. Why would it look fake? It's still Coach quality...nice stitching, nice little details, and the coated canvas is soft and flexible! Besides, it's your bag to love, so who cares what other people think.
  15. I love my Heritage brown stripe satchel!

    I have been using it since the last PCE. It does not show dirt and even the cloth handles still look new. The coated canvas is softening up too which I like. And- it is a really LIGHT bag to carry. My days of carrying heavy bags are so over!