Heritage Stripe Tote...might be caving in!

  1. When these bags first hit the net on the Japan site, for some reason I really didn't like them.

    Then a few weeks ago, I saw some in Macy's and in person they grew on me.

    Now with all the promotion they are getting this week, I feel the need to go see them in the botique...so I will let you know if I come home with one! (or something else lol). I recently cut off all guys I was dating and am starting fresh, so I have no Valentine..so I figure I deserve my own gift to myself :smile:

    What color does everyone have? How is everyone liking the coating?

  2. I think they are awesome bags......I love the feel of the coated canvas! I think the colors are all really amazing. I have the Medium Heritage Tote in Pink....but I also really LOVE green. They all look pretty amazing. So if you feel you like the coated canvas, I'd say go for it. And don't worry, I've been using mine for quite some time and I it's not really that "babied" and there has been no chipping or peeling of the stripe down the middle at all. The straps aren't getting fuzzy or dirty looking yet either. So all in all, it's a great bag! Good luck on your decision, and whatever you get, make sure to post lots of pics!!!
  3. I felt the same way when I saw them over the internet. Then I saw it IRL yesterday at Dillards and was hooked. I picked up the medium today. It is so pretty!!! I say go for it - I'm sure you won't regret it!!! It seems so care-free and easy to care for.
  4. yes, I saw them at the coach store today...I love the coated canvas , I really would like the wallet in the pink for valentines day