Heritage Stripe Tote- Black/Pink/Brass ANYONE?

  1. So I am so curious about this color that was mentioned before... I was wondering if anyone has heard anything and maybe when we willbe able to see this!

  2. where did you see that at?? i never heard of it before
  3. haven't heard it :shrugs:
  4. Someone mentioned when they called JAX about another color that the black pink color would be an option but when I called about that color I got nothing. So who knows.
  5. its on the japan coach site
  6. Bag Fetish, I am looking for it on Coach Japan but can't find it. Can you help me??
  7. off to look.....
  8. i don't think the pink/black is on coach japan yet.
  9. Yeah I didn't see it on there either.. hmmm
  10. Wow that would be really striking! I'm not even a pink person and I think I would have to get that one too!

  11. That's what I said too! And that's why I started this thread...

    And bag Fetish... i don't see it. I only see the pink one that every one has already.