Heritage Stripe Question

  1. I'm trying to figure out the sizes of the small and medium, but knowing that the site's measurements aren't alway correct, how big/small are they compared to say the sig stripe totes?
  2. ^^^Hello! I think someone said before that the medium is about the same size as the medium sig stripe tote....I could be wrong though. It is a good size. I've heard that the small is VERY small. Good luck!
  3. The small is tiny. The medium is good if you are average in size. I tried it on and could possibly pull it off but I really prefer the largest one. It might be too large for everyday for most people but it made my butt look smaller. :roflmfao:
  4. The small was almost EXACTLY the same size as my small sig stripe tote, same height and across, but the sig stripe tote is wider...but the handles were about an inch shorter than the sig stripe tote. The medium one was perfect for me, so I exchanged my small for that! :smile:
  5. Hi!
    Here's a comparison pic..
    Heritage Small tote is actually 9.5" Tall (Height) x 10" Length x 3.5" Deep (W).
    Medium Reversible tote, Small Heritage & Medium Tote (not reversible) -measurement accdg: to the site 14 (L) x 9 3/4 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)
    I HTH
  6. Thanks everyone for the help and especially for the comparison pics!
  7. :drool: 'scuse me while I drool over your bags...they are delicious!!!