Heritage Stripe - New Line for 2008

  1. But it is out in Japan right now, and there's on eBay now. It comes in brown, blue, green, and pink. The fabric is coated signature, which means it can be wiped clean. No stains! And the inside lining is tattersall.


    The price quoted by JAX is $358 on this tote.

    Now if only I wasn't on a bag ban...
  2. I saw this tote in the green stripe at Macy's last week--didn't know it was called Heritage.

    Maybe some of the department stores are getting them early?
  3. Oh I love these! I can't wait until they get them on their online catalog! I will definitely be owning one of these!!! Probably in pink!
  4. They are at Macy*s? I was told by my local SA that these wouldn't be coming out until February 2008 or so...but if JAX has them then I guess it's possible. Where do you live?
  5. Yea, JAX indeed has them. I freaked out when I called yesterday. Does anyone know if the factory in JAX has a store there?!? I live like an hour from there, that would be perfect if it did!
  6. Just go to your local store, give them the style number, and ask them to order it for you. It's free shipping if they order it for you!
  7. A pink would be pretty if it doesnt look anything like that Madison Lurex raspberry.
  8. Here's a screen print from the Japan site for all four colors:
  9. Oooh... I kinda like it!
  10. They had them at Willow Grove Mall a few months back.
  11. What's the price tag on these bad boys??

    I sort of am not sure about the handle, it reminds me of this handle on a summer bag from 2004 or 2005 that I wasn't thrilled with.
  12. I love this bag. The brown signature Heritage tote is gorgeous.
  13. IIRC, this was discussed in a previous thread.. there was a mixed of like-it and hate-it.. Personally, i love it! it's really cute!
  14. they have had these out at coach garden state plaza in jersey since beginning of september...i've also seen them at macy's

  15. My store had them a little while back as well.......said it was "preview" for them. I'm undecided on whether I like the line or not.