Heritage Stripe - Keep the brown or go with pink?

  1. I hate being so indecisive!! HELP! I bought the Heritage Stripe zip around wallet in brown, although I spent a good 1/2 hour agonizing over whether to get the brown or the pink.

    Dh thinks the pink pops more, is a nice unusual accent for inside the bag and will elicit more compliments when it is taken out. He says that wallets don't have to match, and that it would be nice to have something different.

    When I bought it, I thought perhaps the brown would look somehow more pulled together. I thought it would stay nicer looking longer. I thought it would match more. Now I am questioning if the brown is just boring. Does getting brown defeat the purpose of the Heritage Stripe entirely, since the colors are part of the appeal?

    What do you think and what would you do?
  2. While I like the brown, I am a complete pink-aholic so I'd be all over the pink one myself. It's hard when you try to decide something and are split between 2 options. Having said all of that, it seems as though you went with the brown and maybe that's what you should stay with?
  3. Well I think either one will stay clean the same from what I hear this type of material is very easy to clean. and If it was me I would get the pink but thats just because I love pink and its almost Valentine's Day etc lol. let us know which one you pick?? any pics btw ?
  4. I love the pink but I am obsessed with pink too!
  5. Are you carrying it in a variety of bags or do you have a Heritage Stripe bag already?
  6. Pink is my favorite color but I also love that brown you got and think it will definitely be more timeless. It also sounded like you got what YOU wanted and didn't like the pink.. so I would go with what you like and not what we or your husband like because you are the one that has to wear it and be happy with it. :tup: Good luck sweetie! ;)
  7. I do not have a Heritage Stripe bag, and I probably will not get one. Love the wallets, but the bags would not work as well for me.

    I have mostly been carrying my khaki/coal large Bleecker flap, but I also have a rust large Bleecker flap, a black 2006 legacy shoulder bag, a 2006 khaki/black slim flap bag, etc.
  8. Go with your first pick....the brown! It is really pretty and seems you had good reasons for choosing it over the pink.
  9. I would stick w/the brown if that was your first choice... sometimes you don't want to second guess yourself because then in the end you'll really make the wrong choice... i think the brown would go w/a lot more since you said you probably won't be getting a heritage stripe bag... IMO :tup:
  10. To be perfectly honest with you, I dont like the Brown that much ONLY because of the red horse and buggy they went with... its not bad but I must agree with your DH, the Pink really pops and my Dh said it is his favorite bag that I have and that says a lot since he is a LV kind of guy.
    Another tip just in case you are others dont know... Pink was officially made a netural color, I am not kidding it really was. I know its a hard choice some times, I myself LOVE LOVE the RED and PINK and the others are just okay to me . Hope this helps and best of luck with this.
  11. i really LOVE the brown....everyone is getting the pink anyway.
  12. GET THE PINK!! I bought the brown and returned it..the inside leather being so dark shows scratches easier in my opinion..you know though, they are all pretty!! I ended up with the red patent flower motif just because of the pop!! Sounds like your bags are neutral so a pretty wallet just might be the ticket:p:p
  13. i like the pink, it's more fun!
  14. I'd get the PINK. It's not as bold as wearing the pink heritage tote (like i do, but i don't mind being bold...hehe) but it adds a little pop of color inside of your bag! Although, you really can't lose either way. That's great even if you decide to keep the brown. I love the entire Heritage collection, and all of the colors.
  15. I love the pink. Pink has my vote.