Heritage Stripe demi?

  1. What do you think about the demi's in the Heritage Stripe? I know everyone is getting the tote but what are your thoughts on the demi's?
  2. I think they are very cute! I like the red one I think. I like smaller purses as well, so i'd prob. be one to pick a demi up. The only thing that bothers me is the drop on the straps...it's usually not comfortable for shoulder wearing...but they r cute!!
  3. thanks for your response!
  4. I think they are adorable!! I would love a wallet or wristlet in that style! I think pink. Do they have yellow as well? :smile:
  5. ooh, i might have to go for that one instead anyway since they tote is expensive for me -- that's my style anyway & i don't carry enough to fill a tote
  6. I think they are really cute i'm going to get either in white or pink ^-^.I love small purses .
  7. I may get the pink.
  8. I think they are cute, but I am a big bag girl and would never be able to fit all of my junk in the bag. If I could fit it all in I would def get it.
  9. Great! I'm glad there are tPF'ers who like it and would consider it because I'm thinking of getting one. I'm soo tempted to get the tote because it's cute too and all the gals here are getting them but I really don't need to have another big bag and plus the zipper part on the tote bothers me. The tote reminds me of school, but it is really pretty when used as a everyday purse also. I just need a small bag now and I just need to own a heritage stripe in pink! Thanks for all your thoughts!!
  10. how much is the demi anyway?
  11. 198