Heritage Stripe Coin Purse?

  1. I went into Coach today to order the round Heritage Stripe coin purse because I thought I had seen it here. But it isn't online and even the manager had never seen or heard of it. So am I imagining things? :shrugs: Does such a thing exist? If it does, does anyone have the item number so I can call the boutique back and let them know that I'm not insane?

    Actually, they were quite nice about it, but I still felt slightly stupid. :shame:
  2. Yes , it does exist but I think you have to order from JAX.:yes:
  3. Yeah I've seen some people with the coin purse but have never actually seen it in the stores or department stores.
  4. So, even with the item # it cannot be ordered through a store? I need to call JAX directly? I am guessing there isn't anyone available there this late or on Sundays, so I will call Monday. Thanks!
  5. No, I think you can call now, I'm pretty sure of it. Give it a try!
  6. Yes, you can order it from a store if you have the item number. :yes:
  7. For some reason, my store couldn't order it for me either. I had to call Jax directly and the order went thru.
  8. its on the japan site so it should be able to order
  9. hmm weird, I called my local COACH store about the clasp coin cases and they hadn't heard anything about those and I called JAX as well but no luck, do these round cases exist in the US?
  10. Really? That's really interesting because I once ordered a wallet that I found on Coach Japan directly through my store and it wasn't one that was on the Coach USA site. I guess it just depends on the item and the availability. And, it goes to show that it's always worth calling AND checking with stores when there is something that you really want! Thanks, fluffy!!
  11. okay, what does JAX stand for again? :thinking:
  12. Coach's headquarters and warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Cute smiley!! I've never seen it before!! I like this new one, too: :jrs:
  13. ahhs, thanks for the explanation mokoni!
  14. I wonder if it has anything to do with low quantities? A couple times when I tried to order something my SA said it wouldn't let it go thru but she said try to call directly.
    I called JAX directly and each time I was able to get the item. I had to pay the shipping tho! I know I was told the quantity was low for the pink coin purse when I ordered mine. I haven't received it yet.
  15. Here's a silly question: where do you get the number for JAX?