Heritage strip in blue

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  1. So I went to my coach store today...they didn't have the lip gloss :sad: ...i could have gone to one of the other two stores, but I want to stay at one place and hope they make me a pc lol...but they have the heritage stripe tote in blue!!! yet, they don't have it online!!! the only thing online is the heritage beauty case. I wonder if they have the demi in blue. Has anyone seen it at their store...i'll call them back tomorrow and see if they can order it for me.
  2. :drool::drool::drool: Must see picture................... Did you happen to capture it on your cell phone?
  3. The heritage stipe that I saw in blue today at my boutique was the baby bag. They also had it in brown and white (I think). I didn't realize it was the baby bag, and kept toying with the idea of using it as a work tote/laptop bag.
  4. I saw a baby bag in a baby blue today...but I know the Japan Coach site has this bag in a different blue:


    Same style numbers as the Heritage bags in green/pink/white/mahogany.