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  1. OMG the stuff was gorgeous!!

    Only thing is the bags are not made of jacquard, it almost looks like it s made of plastic, but I m afraid of assuming that!! It looks like a printed image of the regular signature fabric, but stiff if it makes sense!!

    Someone tell me i m not crazy!!

    They had a pink, blue, brown version and it was gorgeous!!
  2. I posted about it in another thread last week. I saw it at Willow Grove mall. I did not see it at King of Prussia.
  3. Yes. I wish it had dark leather straps....
  4. That's kinda cute.....
  5. That is the test bag that I saw a couple of weeks ago at Dillards. I am not crazy about it.
  6. yeah thats it! the pink and the blue one look way better and it looked great in person!
  7. i think these are the coated canvas bags that someone was talking about in another post...it really looked and felt like plastic...very stiff looking...also i am not feeling the stamped on red bleecker horse n carriage...it just looks off IMO...but they did come in some nice trim colors...
  8. i actually quite like this!
  9. I'm not a fan of this look-good thing too for my savings!
  10. I really adore this!! How can I get one :p
  11. I think they ruined it with that red horse and buggy stamp....ehhhh:push:
  12. So on the pink and blue version(s) - what part is pink?
  13. It reminds me of a sunglass case.