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  1. I'll start the thread!! Here is my beauiful set I bought this weekend!! I :heart: pink!!!
    The feel of the material is amazing, so easy to keep clean and the tattersall lining is :drool:
    The only thing that would make it more perfect, is if it came in purple!!!!
    2008.01.28 Heritage Tote Set.JPG 11350 BKHPK Heritage Stripe Tote 7.JPG
  2. I am in :smile: All I need is the med cosmetic case to match and the Red XL satchel

  3. haha.. i'm next... just got this today, you have probably seen the other thread... this is the heritage XL satchel in khaki/white... LOVE LOVE IT! :love:
  4. I want/NEED the XL Heritage white/khaki satchel so hopefully (fingers crossed) will be getting it in the near future.
  5. BTW, will be getting the cosmetic case that matches this hopefully in the next week or so... gotta save up so $$... will most pics of that too!
  6. Can't wait to join.. just bought the swingpack today and wanting to look at them irl when we go to Cali in early March! :yahoo:
  7. Fields, you can be a member even though you don't have your swingpack in hand yet. You're just obligated to share LOTS of pics when you finally get it!!!
  8. I like those satchels they are beautiful! But when I tried it on at the boutique they looked like they were eating me up. i'm very small haha.
  9. Yay!!!! I am in too! I have the medium Pink tote!!! And I ordered my fiance the blue mens wallet! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. You ROCK kphillips!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! For starting this thread!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Here's my baby!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    Picture 586.jpg Picture 589.jpg Picture 594.jpg Picture 595.jpg
  12. All I have is the mini skinny, but I get 210840328 compliments on her a day! Way more than any of my bags :biggrin:
    CIMG1543.JPG CIMG1544.JPG cmg15451.JPG CIMG1546.JPG
  13. Ah, LA, you even said thanks in my favorite color!!! You're welcome - I was feeling bad for you getting down over people bashing your baby. BTW - love your DB in your bag (is it a wallet or a wristlet?)!!

    I took my tote to work to show a co-worker who's thinking about getting the multi-function tote for a laptop bag and everyone was oohing and ahhing over it!! It sure gets a lot of attention!!!
  14. OMG! I LOVE it!!!!! It's such a detailed mini skinny!!!!