Heritage Line at Macy's

  1. So I went to Macy's today to see what kind of bags were on sale and they had the Heritage line already! They had the satchel with the brown stripe and all kinds of stuff! Thank goodness I saw the size of the satchel...its huge! I love it though but in a different color. But ya I love the new white stripe bags. Also they have different colors in the Carly on the website. Check it out!
  2. Dang I wish I was close to a Macys right now! I am visiting my parents in the middle of nowhere! At least I will be back home next week! I can't wait to go check it out!
  3. Nordstrom in San Diego had the Heritage Line too. The satchel was bigger than I thought it would be. The satchels with the gardenia or brown trim were in stock. I'm not digging the fabric handles so much though.
  4. I don't really like the plasticy feeling of the bags. I like the satchel but its huge! Maybe during PCE...
  5. They do have that plasticy feeling! I don't mind that as much as the cloth handles. I wish the handles were all leather to match the trim, KWIM? I think handbag*girl said she saw a smaller satchel in Vegas, but without the hardware. I hope we see these with the new floorset!
  6. Ya I totally agree about the straps. I hope to see the smaller satchel but I may give into the larger one just cuz it looks like the Lily at a better price! Hmmm....
  7. What do you mean they had different color Carly's? Do you remember if they were Carly's or slim Carly's? What colors? Thanks!
  8. Ummm...I think that they are older colors of the medium Carly's. On the website there is khaki/natural, khaki/saddle and black/gray (like the slim) but there is not picture of this one...Check Macy's.com they are on there..nice may I add.
  9. Thanks! I think the khaki/natural is new. Khaki/saddle is old and I never even knew they did a black/gray regular Carly, maybe it was dept. store exclusive :shrugs: Eh....I saw the khaki/natural earlier this week and just felt meh about it. Think I will wait for a pretty color.
  10. I want the khaki/berry but I don't see that happening....EVER! lol Oh well I think I might have to settle for a different color...if I have to!
  11. I'm still searching for a large khaki/chambray! But I would be ok with something else too if it was a pretty color-by which I mean, something not black/brown/red. Not that those colors aren't pretty, they just strike me as neutrals and I want something non-neutral.
  12. They have the medium ones on eBay but I never saw the large ones on there. I love the large but I don't think I need a big one...or maybe I do! hmmm