Heritage Bracelet Watch; worth it?

  1. I am thinking about making a big splurge on this watch. It is featured in the latest catalog with the signature bracelets. Do you all think it is worth it? Has any of the Coach employees seen this in person? What do you all think?
  2. Very pretty!! I don't wear gold though... so I wouldn't buy it regardless of price...

    What is the price? I am not on Coach.com or have the catalog nearby. Sorry for being lazy!! :p If I get to coach.com before someone posts the price, I will post it so people can weigh in...

    It's pretty, but honestly I need to see the price before I give an honest opinion! :yes:
  3. Taa, daa!! $498


    I would say, "Yes" with PCE discount I would purchase it, "No" without the discount.

    Hope that helps!! Very pretty watch, but I think that my limit would be around $400 ish for the watch, but it all depends on how much you are loving it!! If its a timeless piece that you could wear forever - go ahead and splurge!! :smile:

    I've had my eye on this baby:
    Coach - COACH WHITNEY WATCH :love:
    But haven't taken the leap yet.
  4. I LOVE the Whitney watch.

    I am going to call my SA to see if I can get the PCE discount. It would bring it down to $373 plus the dreaded NYS tax. :push:
  5. The watch is very pretty, but not sure I would wear it as an every day watch.
  6. I love that watch but it's so pricey. But if you can get a PCE discount then you wouldn't feel so bad! And then if you sell it someday, I'm first on the list of prospective buyers! hahaha! Seriously, that was one of the first things that really caught my eye in the new catalog but then I read the price and whined! LOL!
  7. it's beautiful and very classic
    i say go for it especially if you can use your PCE
  8. I would only buy it if I could use the PCE discount. It's very pretty but I trhink I like some of the other watches better. If you like it then you should deff buy it.:smile: