Heritage Bayswater - your experience of wear and tear?

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  1. Hi!
    I am thinking about getting a heritage bayswater, as I love the style. I have one of the new ones which is lovely (if a little heavy!), but the heritage ones are calling me!

    I was wondering for those who have a heritage bayswater, how have they worn? How long was it before they started showing wear and tear on the corners/piping coming through?

    I would be looking to use it every day, and am thinking about the dark frozen colour, which I think might show more wear than eg the oak or black.

    Thank you!
  2. I have the Bayswater is black natural tanned leather and it has been used constantly for the last 3 years and has no issues with the piping. I apply the Colonill gel from time to time and she looks great. I would go for a regular colour that you can touch up with polish if needs be.
  3. I have an oak and a black Bayswater for about 3-4 years. The piping and corners on the black are fine. With the oak the piping is fine but the front corners left and right has a little wear. Nothing too noticeable though. I moisturize with Collinil so that helps. See my oak below. I don’t use them constantly though.

  4. I love the heritage/classic Bayswaters (own 9) plus two of the new Bayswaters. My oldest Bayswater was bought in 2011 when I first discovered mulberry. I use my black Bayswaters and Black Forest the most and wear and tear is really good. They still look more or less pristine and you have to look very carefully to see any wear and tear. I feel that the new Bayswaters are less bomb proof especially as they have no feet so I am a bit more careful with those, especially with the clay colour. Oxblood is relatively dark but even so the difference in how it is inked makes me more careful.
  5. The classic Bays are for life. They are made to last, and are perfect work bags.
  6. I have five heritage bays, and all of them wear beautifully. One NVT was accidentally slammed in the mud when I fell during a rainy day, and left no mark after being subjected under the tap for 10 minutes. Just a little conditioner restored it! Two glossy goat, the raspberry scuffs easier than the black, that almost show no wear after months; all in all, both wear well. The classic grain had a scuff in one corner, but not in the piping; to sum, they wear beautifully, even when they're not babied.

    However, I think the newest bay colors on the website (clay, deep sea, oak natural grain, etc.) look a lot closer to the leather on the new bays style, which I don't like. The hide on those feels much less durable, and some on the forum were complaining about the lack of quality. Disappointing that Mulberry would decide to change a classic!
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  7. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. That is really helpful, and sounds like the wear and tear is lower than I had thought it would be. I have some thinking to do now, and quickly because it has gone in the sale!
    Thanks again.